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Planning Reports

Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports
Freeway Segment Safety Performance Function (SPF) Development135971
Investigating the Feasibility of Coordinated Ramp Metering Along Freeway Corridors in Ohio135501The Ohio State University
Streamlining Local-let Federal-aid Transportation Processes in Ohio135519Ohio University
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Transportation, Incident Management, and Infrastructure Assessment135310University of Cincinnati
Adaptive Video-based Vehicle Classification Technique for Monitoring Traffic134874University of Cincinnati
A Comparison of the Seismic Full Waveform Inversion Techniques to Conventional Methods for the Detection of  Underground  Mine Voids506898Ohio Department of Transportation
Recommendations and Strategies for IRP Truck Licensing Impacts for Ohio Counties135261University of Kentucky Research Foundation
Linking Land-Use and Travel in Ohio: Incorporating Vehicle Choice and Decline Components134826The Ohio State University
Assessment of IRP Truck Licensing for Ohio Counties134988University of Kentucky Research Foundation
Estimating External Travel Using Purchased Third-Party Data134877The Ohio State University
Adaptive Video-based Vehicle Classification Technique for Monitoring Traffic134874University of Cincinnati
Passenger Flow Estimation and Characteristics Expansion 134752The Ohio State University
Mining Vehicle Classifications from the Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System134696The Ohio State University
The Value of Balanced Growth for Transportation134819Cleveland State University
Assessing the Performance of the SpeedInfo Sensor134723The Ohio State University
Development of Strategic Enterprise Architecture Design for ODOT134756eVision
Linking Land Use, Transportation and Travel Behavior in Ohio134624The Ohio State University
Ohio Mobility Improvement Study134571RLS & Associates, Inc.
Developing a Methodology for School Travel Plan Development for Large School Districts134577TransSystems Corporation
Development of Opportunity Zones Utilizing Transportation Assets134559The Ohio State University
Validating the Performance of Vehicle Classification Stations134516The Ohio State University
GPS-Based Household Interview Survey for the Cincinnati Ohio Region134421Abt-SRBI
Development of Transportation Asset Management Decision Support Tools134639University of Toledo
Comparison of Four-Step Versus Tour-Based Models in Predicting Travel Behavior Before and After Transportation System Changes - Results Interpretation and Recomendations 134368University of Texas at Austin
Statistical Validation of Speeds and Travel Times Provided by a Data Service Vendor134416University of Akron
Development of a Traffic Counter Bench Tester with 8-Lane Testing Capability134432Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.
Review of Traffic Monitoring Factor Groupings and the Determination of Seasonal Adjustment Factors for Cars and Trucks134369University of Akron
Upper Midwest Freight Corridor Study - Phase 2134263University of Wisconsin-Madison
Portable Bench Tester for Piezo Weigh-in-Motion Equipment134157Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.
The Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System (CMFMS) Effectiveness Study Part 2: The After Study134152The Ohio State University
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