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Makensey Barr

 Makensey Barr

Makensey Barr is a junior at the University of Cincinnati studying Psychology and Organizational Leadership. She has interned with the Ohio Department of Transportation District 3, Office of Public Information, since 2016  This is her story:

What skills have you gained from working at ODOT?

While working at ODOT, I have been able to get real world experience in a professional workplace. Working in Public Information, I have gained valuable people and conflict management skills. These skills have now transferred into my daily life, and I will be able to take them to any job after college.

What is the most surprising thing you've learned about ODOT?

Transportation does not only mean roadways. ODOT manages all forms of transportation and is a huge driving force of innovation! The future of transportation is more interesting and exciting than I would have ever imagined and it has been awesome to see the things ODOT is doing!

How have your educational experiences helped you here at ODOT?

In school, I study people and organizations. My education has helped me to understand how leadership, communication and teamwork play a large role in the success of such a large operation.

How have your experiences here at ODOT helped with your education?Makensey Barr

In return, ODOT has given me tangible evidence that I can apply to the materials I am learning in the classroom. It has also given me an amazing set of networking connections across the state of Ohio. Although my home district is in Ashland, I was able to transfer to Cincinnati while at school and had the opportunity to learn from more people.

What are your goals after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to obtain my Master's degree in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. I would love to have a job working in Leadership Consulting, Professional Development or Human Resourcing.

What do you liked to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy coaching cheerleading at Sycamore High School as well as being involved with Greek Life and leadership councils at school!

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