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Your Move Ohio Brand

​The Your Move Ohio team has developed an integrated brand for the campaign complete with a logo, typography, color palette, a gradient that may be used as an overlay on imagery and supplemental design elements for use on print materials, in social media and in ads. Logo and image usage is specified in the Your Move Ohio brand guidelines document. Explore these reference documents to learn about the Your Move Ohio brand, how to use the logo and access the various logo files in different colors and file formats. You will also find research, pilot materials and other useful resources to understand the feedback that’s shaped the campaign.

BRAND GUIDELINES - Review Brand Guidelines before using Your Move logo files on materials to ensure proper usage.

LOGO FILES - There are a few different logo file types available. Here’s how to know which version to use for your marketing materials: 

  • CMYK files are used for printed materials such as tip cards, posters and promotional items, unless the print vendor specifically requests a file with Pantone colors.
  • RGB files should be used on digital materials, such as digital ads, presentations and Facebook 
  • If you’re placing a newspaper advertisement, use the black and white or grayscale logos for black and white ads and CMYK for color.


Your Move Ohio conducted a series of focus groups to help us learn what barriers to mode shift may exist and what messages are more likely to resonate with Ohio communities. Mode shift means replacing a car trip with another mode like walking, biking or busing.


  • A balance of the two messages (safety and encouragement)
  • Clear and effective calls to actions (CTA)
  • A wide array of communication channels

We’ve included the reports for your review and consideration.

PILOT MATERIALS This section has the archived materials used in the campaign’s pilot launch. It also includes research conducted on the pilot’s messaging and creative and the feedback received to help you understand changes to the campaign’s messages.

Pilot Materials​​​​​​​​​​

Black - CMYK (eps).eps
Black - CMYK (jpg).jpg
Black - RGB (eps).eps
Black - RGB (jpg).jpg
Black - RGB (png).png
Full Color - CMYK (eps).eps
Full Color - CMYK (jpg).jpg
Full Color - Pantone (eps).eps
Full Color - RGB (eps).eps
Full Color - RGB (jpg).jpg
Full Color - RGB (png).png
Full Color Reverse - CMYK (eps).eps
Full Color Reverse - RGB (eps).eps
Full Color Reverse - RGB (png).png
Grayscale - CMYK (eps).eps
Grayscale - CMYK (jpg).jpg
Grayscale - RGB (eps).eps
Grayscale - RGB (jpg).jpg
Grayscale - RGB (png).png
White - CMYK (eps).eps
White - RGB (eps).eps
White - RGB (png).png

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