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Your Move Campaign Toolkit

In response to a decade of statewide increases in fatal pedestrian and bicycle crashes and epidemic levels of chronic disease — obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes — we're encouraging more Ohioans to choose active transportation and to make it safer for them to walk and bike.  

Your Move's goals are to:
  • ​Educate all road users how to use the road safely
  • Encourage Ohioans to choose active transportation, and
  • Increase safety for people walking and biking

​​​Explore the materials below, download and share!

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 Getting Started

Start here for a materials overview and how to best utilize them when communicating about Your Move Ohio.


Start Here

 Outdoor Advertising

Find an array of outdoor advertising options and messages for billboards, bike share and gas station ads, bus bench and shelter signs.



 Digital Materials

Find website banner, digital streaming advertisements and email graphics.


Get Digital

 Promotional Materials

Have some fun with Your Move Ohio swag helping people remember to bike, walk and drive more safely.


Find Swag

 Your Move Ohio Brand

Learn how to use Your Move Ohio's brand colors and elements to communicate with your community. 


Explore more

 Transit Advertising

Explore advertisements for placement inside or outside your local buses.  




 Print Materials

Find Your Move Ohio tip cards, posters, training materials and event templatet flyers here.


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 Press Releases

Provide Your Move Ohio news and information to journalists and industry professionals to keep them in the know.


Get Releases


Find an in-depth Facebook toolkit and post graphics for communicating to your online communities.



 Radio & TV Advertising

Download audio files, sponsorship scripts and TV advertisements to be used on screen or over the airwaves.



 Translated Materials

Find Your Move Ohio tip cards, posters, and outdoor advertising materials in Spanish, Nepali and Somali.

Learn More


Utilize video, slides, table throws and banner stands at upcoming public meetings or workshops.


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