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Right of Way Plans


Right-of-Way Plans

District 4

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  1. Find the County below and expand with the plus sign to reveal the Routes in that County.
  2. The first Route in each County begins with 000 and contains a Mile Marker Map file and an additional Instruction file. Expand the 000 Route with the plus sign to reveal these files.
  3. Open and look at the Mile Marker Map file to determine the approximate Straight Line Mileage (SLM) along the Route that you are researching. Use the gray mile markers, not the black ones if Route has both.
  4. Close the Mile Marker Map. NOTE: If your Adobe Reader doesn't open files in a separate wi​ndow, you will need to use the BACK button in your browser to come back to this page after viewing the Mile Marker Map.
  5. Find the Route of interest below and expand with the plus sign to reveal the Right of Way plans for that Route. The Right of Way plans are multi-page PDF files. Right of Way Plan file name format is "County__Route__SLM__Year."
  6. Select and open a Right of Way plan that begins at or before the approximate SLM.

ATTENTION: The plans posted here are for historical research only. This site includes plans that date from the early 1900s to present day. We DO NOT warranty that the plan you are looking at represents the current Right of Way. Please feel free to contact District 4 at 330-786-4840 with any questions.

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