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The Qualitative PM2.5 Hotspot Analysis report is available below:
PM2_5_HotSpotAnalysis.pdfQualitative PM2.5 Hotspot AnalysisPM2_5_HotSpotAnalysis805 KB


Click on the links below for PDF copies of the Public Hearing handouts, exhibits and other information:
000-FactSheet6_051310.pdfFact Sheet 6000-FactSheet6_0513101890 KB
00-ROWhandout_051310.pdfRight-Of-Way FAQ00-ROWhandout_0513102150 KB
00-ThruTheValley_CommentSheet_051310.pdfComment Sheet00-ThruTheValley_CommentSheet_051310596 KB
01-Reference_sheet_11x17.pdfExhibit 1 Reference Sheet01-Reference_sheet_11x173724 KB
Sheet1_11x17.pdfExhibit 2 Sheet 1Sheet1_11x171938 KB
Sheet10_11x17.pdfExhibit 3 Sheet 2Sheet10_11x173172 KB
Sheet11_11x17.pdfExhibit 4 Sheet 3Sheet11_11x173086 KB
Sheet12_11x17.pdfExhibit 5 Sheet 4Sheet12_11x173033 KB
Sheet13_11x17.pdfExhibit 6 Sheet 5Sheet13_11x172779 KB
Sheet14_11x17.pdfExhibit 7 Sheet 6Sheet14_11x172757 KB
Sheet2_11x17.pdfExhibit 8 Sheet 7Sheet2_11x172289 KB
Sheet3_11x17.pdfExhibit 9 Sheet 8Sheet3_11x172256 KB
Sheet4_11x17.pdfExhibit 10 Sheet 9Sheet4_11x172135 KB
Sheet5_11x17.pdfExhibit 11 Sheet 10Sheet5_11x172200 KB
Sheet6_11x17.pdfExhibit 12 Sheet 11Sheet6_11x172637 KB
Sheet7_11x17.pdfExhibit 13 Sheet 12Sheet7_11x172981 KB
Sheet8_11x17.pdfExhibit 14 Sheet 13Sheet8_11x173065 KB
Sheet9_11x17.pdfExhibit 15 Sheet 14Sheet9_11x172984 KB


For the I-75 Thru the Valley Project, the EA document summarizes impacts and consequences of the improvements to I-75 between Paddock Road and Kemper Road. The document also details the alternatives evaluation process conducted to carry forward the Preferred Alternative, identified as the alternative that best satisfies the purpose and need for the project.
The entire EA Report and Exhibits can be downloaded below:
Folder: 01-Exhibits01-ExhibitsExhibits
Folder: 02-Appendices02-AppendicesAppendices
00-HAM_75_10.10_EA_0110.pdf00-HAM_75_10.10_EA_0110Environmental Assessment Report793 KB


 Design Aesthetics for the I-75 Corridor (Thru the Valley and Mill Creek Expressway projects) have been selected by the I-75 Aesthetics Committee and ODOT. The I-75 aesthetics Final Report and Appendices can be viewed below.
AestheticsFinalReport_102507.pdfAestheticsFinalReport_102507265 KB
Appendix_A_AestheticsCharterandMembers.pdfAppendix_A_AestheticsCharterandMembers103 KB
Appendix_B_081307_CommitteeMeeting.pdfAppendix_B_081307_CommitteeMeeting3777 KB
Appendix_C_100207_CommitteeMeeting.pdfAppendix_C_100207_CommitteeMeeting1872 KB
Appendix_D_AestheticsPreferenceSurveyandSummary.pdfAppendix_D_AestheticsPreferenceSurveyandSummary452 KB
Appendix_E_AestheticsDecisionsBrochure.pdfAppendix_E_AestheticsDecisionsBrochure706 KB
07-19-06-Public Mtg Summary.pdf07-19-06-Public Mtg Summary155 KB
7-19-06-Comment_Sheet.pdf7-19-06-Comment_Sheet523 KB
7-19-06-Fact Sheet 5.pdf7-19-06-Fact Sheet 5716 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 1of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 1of3399 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 2 of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 2 of3584 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 3 of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt A 3 of3276 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 1of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 1of3412 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 2of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 2of3623 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 3of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt B 3of3295 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 1of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 1of3437 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 2of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 2of3594 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 3of3.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions- Alt C 3of3275 KB
7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions.pdf7-19-06-Feasible Alternative Descriptions2025 KB
Folder: Mainline AlternativesMainline Alternatives
Folder: Project OptionsProject Options
06-29-05-Public Mtg Summary.pdf06-29-05-Public Mtg Summary146 KB
6-29-05-Fact Sheet 3.pdf6-29-05-Fact Sheet 31159 KB
6-29-05-Comment Sheet.pdf6-29-05-Comment Sheet560 KB
6-29-05- FAQ.pdf6-29-05- FAQ117 KB
6-29-05-Matrix Handout.pdf6-29-05-Matrix Handout100 KB
Folder: Crash Rate and LocationsCrash Rate and Locations
Folder: Peak Hour VolumesPeak Hour Volumes
011-9-2005-Public Mtg Summary.pdf011-9-2005-Public Mtg Summary115 KB
11-9-2005- Public Fact Sheet 2.pdf11-9-2005- Public Fact Sheet 2363 KB
11-9-2005-Comment Sheet.pdf11-9-2005-Comment Sheet1327 KB
11-9-2005-FAQ List.pdf11-9-2005-FAQ List140 KB
Folder: Community MeetingsCommunity Meetings
Folder: Fact SheetsFact Sheets
Folder: Meeting MinutesMeeting Minutes
7-27-04 PowerPoint Presentation to Implementation Committee.pdf7-27-04 PowerPoint Presentation to Implementation Committee1219 KB
8-24-04 PowerPoint Presentation to Implementation Committee.pdf8-24-04 PowerPoint Presentation to Implementation Committee100 KB