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 Official Ohio Transportation Maps Archive

The following list represents a collection of state highway system maps from 1912 until today in PDF format. The years represented cover each available edition (a new map was not published every year).  Please keep in mind that these files are large in size – the older files are high-resolution scans from printed copies and the newer digital editions are very complex – and may take a while to download. If downloading "times-out" or is not recommended on your system, please try right-clicking on the Name represented by year, and then save the file locally first to your system before opening.

Please visit the ODOT Map Resource Page to view and order the current map.

1912.pdf191212058 KB
1914.pdf19144699 KB
1915.pdf19155629 KB
1917.pdf19178236 KB
1918.pdf191818521 KB
1920.pdf19209921 KB
1921.pdf192112967 KB
1922.pdf192212173 KB
1923.pdf19237137 KB
1924.pdf19246037 KB
1925.pdf19255928 KB
1926.pdf19269223 KB
1927.pdf19278793 KB
1928.pdf19286631 KB
1929.pdf19296490 KB
1930.pdf19308298 KB
1931.pdf19316771 KB
1932.pdf19327890 KB
1933.pdf19337487 KB
1934.pdf19347600 KB
1935.pdf19358315 KB
1936.pdf19368486 KB
1937.pdf193710120 KB
1938.pdf193811018 KB
1939.pdf193910477 KB
1940.pdf194010873 KB
1941.pdf194112519 KB
1942.pdf194211070 KB
1944.pdf194413050 KB
1945.pdf194512919 KB
1946.pdf194612548 KB
1947.pdf194712177 KB
1948.pdf194810429 KB
1949.pdf194910661 KB
1950.pdf195010602 KB
1951.pdf195110733 KB
1953.pdf195310216 KB
1955.pdf195510387 KB
1957.pdf195710591 KB
1958.pdf195810371 KB
1959.pdf195910822 KB
1961.pdf196111947 KB
1962.pdf196210827 KB
1964.pdf196417769 KB
1965.pdf196517910 KB
1966.pdf196624114 KB
1967.pdf196717099 KB
1969.pdf196918986 KB
1971.pdf197112369 KB
1972.pdf197213414 KB
1973.pdf197314328 KB
1974.pdf197415962 KB
1975.pdf197525726 KB
1976.pdf197621150 KB
1977.pdf197719373 KB
1978.pdf197813443 KB
1979.pdf197913965 KB
1981.pdf198115776 KB
1982.pdf198214844 KB
1983.pdf198312488 KB
1985.pdf198512662 KB
1987.pdf198712874 KB
1989.pdf198914331 KB
1992.pdf199213943 KB
1993.pdf199315012 KB
1995.pdf199511156 KB
1996.pdf199611187 KB
1997.pdf199719709 KB
1999.pdf199912014 KB
2001.pdf200121005 KB
2003.pdf200318978 KB
2011-Cover-and-City-Insets.pdf2011-Cover-and-City-Insets9186 KB
2011-Main-Map.pdf2011-Main-Map17407 KB
2015-Cover-and-City-Insets.pdf2015-Cover-and-City-Insets15763 KB
2015-Main-Map.pdf2015-Main-Map30327 KB
2019-Cover-and-City-Insets.pdf2019-Cover-and-City-Insets49170 KB
2019-Main-Map.pdf2019-Main-Map16025 KB