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Final Impact Statement

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The Cleveland Innerbelt Modernization Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Documents
Innerbelt FEIS Signed Cover Sheet.pdfInnerbelt FEIS Signed Cover Sheet3226 KB
FEIS Covers.pdfFEIS Covers405 KB
CIB FEIS 7-21-09.pdfCIB FEIS 7-21-0914549 KB
Appendix A TOC.pdf
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Appendix A Pages 1 to 88.pdf
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Appendix A Pages 89 to 105.pdf
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Appendix A Pages 106 to 123.pdf
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Appendix B TOC.pdf
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Appendix B Sheets B3a, B85a, B88a.pdf
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Appendix B Pages 1 to 93.pdf
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Appendix B Pages 94 to 140.pdf
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Appendix B Pages 141 to 174.pdf
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Appendix B Pages 175 to 232.pdf
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Appendix B Pages 233 to 252.pdf
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Appendix C Pages 1 to 8.pdf
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Appendix C TOC.pdf
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Appendix D TOC.pdf
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Appendix D Pages 1 to 77.pdf
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Appendix D Pages 78 to 79.pdf
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Appendix E TOC.pdf
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Appendix E Pages 1 to 16.pdf
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Appendix E Pages 17 to 19.pdf
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Appendix F TOC.pdf
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Appendix F Pages 1 to 7.pdf
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 FEIS - Appendix G

Appendix G contains the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (available by clicking here: DEIS) and the Innerbelt Access Modification Study.  Please contact Project Manager Dave Lastovka at 216.584.4003 or for more information or to request a paper or DVD copy of any of the above mentioned documents.

Cleveland Innerbelt Plan

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