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2013 TRAC App Log


Updated funding Table with the following local changes


Local​ 1​ 11​
NOACA​ 15​ (15)
Private​ 20​
County​ 11​

 Turnpike - removed 15 from DD, moved 44 for RW to new TRAC, increased CO to 215

Added TRACC New 40


Corrected error in local funding. to reflect $20M rather than $0.2M​


Changed NLFID Blog to 17.52 from 17.62​


Removed $2.6M in TRAC NEW funding per d8 funds not needed.


Revised Commerical Sqft and Vacancy Rate per discussion with sponsor.​


Changed vacancy rater per D8 to 2.9​


​Additional $10M commited by greater cleveland partnership @ TRAC regional hearing.


​updated application to reflect the 5/28/13 email from district removed 5 dd from OTIC and inserted 5 DD and 14.5CO previous TRAC.


​Updated Application with Local investment number derived by ODOT 


​Funding plan revised to reflect funding needed for PID 95639.  Phase 1


application updated to reflect revised funding plan submitted by ODOT district after public hearing.​

Used information provded by District to update distress and local investmetn.