Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

— What are Closed Circuit Television Cameras?
Closed Circuit Television Cameras are the cameras used to monitor the activity on major roadways across Ohio. Most cameras are equipped with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, which allow the TMC operators to rotate the cameras and zoom in for a closer look at what’s going on. The cameras are primarily used to view any roadway incidents or accidents that occur so that a corresponding message can be posted on the DMS and/or broadcast on HAR.
— How do I view CCTV cameras and images on Buckeye Traffic?
Checking the box next to Web Cameras in the Travel Status Filter and clicking Update Map will display the CCTV camera locations as shown below:
In order to view a specified camera image, click on the respective icon on the map. A description of the camera will pop up, along with the direction of the camera view and a screenshot of the image. The image is not a live feed, but rather updates every 5 seconds.

The operators in the Traffic Management Center (TMC) are able to pull up multiple camera images at a time as shown below. Also, they have access to live feeds from the cameras, which allows them to view and monitor real time traffic conditions.