Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)

— What is Highway Advisory Radio?
Highway Advisory Radio is basically an audio version of a DMS. HAR broadcast locations are marked by signs as shown below. By tuning into the specified radio station, you can hear information regarding traffic conditions, travel times, construction, road incidents, missing persons, and other information deemed relevant to motorists.  Signing for HAR’s generally tells the motorist to tune into the correct AM frequency for 24/7 traffic information and also has flashing beacon lights for traffic alerts.  When the beacons are flashing, there is a traffic alert, therefore motorists are advised to tune into the appropriate AM station. 
— How do I view HAR locations and broadcast messages on Buckeye Traffic?
Checking the box next to Highway Advisory Radio in the Travel Status Filter and clicking Update Map will display the HAR locations as shown below.  In order to view the information that’s being broadcast by a specific HAR, simply click on the respective icon on the map.