Traffic Speed Display


— How timely is the traffic speed in Buckeye Traffic? How often is the data updated?
Buckeye Traffic receives updated traffic speed data from remote sensors approximately every minute. The sensors provide average speeds for each direction of the roadway. They do not report individual speeds and are not used for law enforcement.  The speeds are color-coded and represented on the speed display map.  To ensure you are viewing the latest traffic speeds in the map, click the Update Map button. The speed display does not automatically update on the map.  Remote speed sensors are shown below:
— What do the colors mean in the traffic speed display?
The colors represent the average traffic speeds currently detected along monitored roadway segments. The range of speeds that each color represents is shown below:
— Why does the traffic speed display sometimes contain gray areas?
In some cases, Buckeye Traffic may be unable to receive traffic speed data from one or more remote traffic speed sensors. If Buckeye Traffic does not have enough traffic speed data to calculate the average speed of a roadway segment, the segment displays as gray. Gray segments are usually temporary. Click the Update Map button to refresh the traffic speed display.