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 Other Federal and State Regualtions Resources


 Regulations Database for Speed Zones, Parking Restriction, School Zones & Village Signal Permits


The Regulations Database provides a listing of approved Speed Zone, School Zone Extensions, Parking Restrictions and Village Signal Permits. A complete copy of the database is available below (statewide and by ODOT Districts).

Each type of regulation (Speed Zones, School Zone Extensions, etc.) is also discussed in detail on individual web pages accessible using the links below.

A map showing the ODOT Districts may be viewed by clicking on the word "Districts" in the above menu bar.


 For questions about the Regulations Database contact:


 Zones & Signal Permits Separately by ODOT Districts


 Complete Database by Districts

01District 01 all zonesdist1_042007.pdf364 KB
02District 02 all Zonesdist2_042007.pdf553 KB
03District 03 all Zonesdist3_042007.pdf620 KB
04District 04 all Zonesdist4_042007.pdf1707 KB
05District 05 all Zonesdist5_042007.pdf472 KB
06District 06 all Zonesdist6_042007.pdf669 KB
07District 07 all Zonesdist7_042007.pdf926 KB
08District 08 all Zonesdist8_042007.pdf1287 KB
09District 09 all Zonesdist9_042007.pdf299 KB
10District 10 all Zonesdist10_042007.pdf284 KB
11District 11 all Zonesdist11_042007.pdf338 KB
12District 12 all Zonesdist12_042007.pdf492 KB
allZoning Regulations database - completestate_regulations_May_2007.pdf7877 KB