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To see recorded webinars, go to the Conducted Results Presentations page.
Researchers should go to the Presentation Information page for guidance.  

Research Results Presentations are a platform for researchers to provide a final presentation on a research project. An overview of the project is provided with detailed discussions on the findings and recommendations. These presentations possess strong technical components and in-depth discussions that focus primarily on the research with minimal details on administrative matters.

Results Presentations typically last for 90 minutes, including time for questions/answers. Most of the presentations are offered nationwide via a live webinar coordinated through the Ohio LTAP Center. In addition to the live broadcast, the webinars are recorded and available for viewing at a later date. Results presentations are offered at no charge to attendees. Certificates of attendance are made available upon request to those who are physically present at the presentation.

Upcoming Results Presentation

Evaluating Vegetation Management Practices for Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation

Date: November 28, 2016
Time: 9:30am – 11:00am (ET)
Researchers: Jenny Gulick (Davey Resource Group)
Location: Room GA – ODOT Central Office (Columbus, OH)

The objective of Phase I of this research was to conduct a four month in-depth analysis of ODOT's current Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) process and provide recommendations on how to improve safety, cost effectiveness, environmental compliance and reduce labor hours. Phase I is now complete and has revealed that ODOT lacks tools and techniques commonly used in cutting-edge rights-of-way (ROW) vegetation management programs, resulting in inefficiencies and increased program costs. Recommendations on process changes with potential cost savings for each were identified.

Phase II is complete and the results are in! This presentation shows which recommendations provided cost savings by comparing the performance of new and alternative mechanical and chemical methods against ODOT's standard vegetation management operating procedures.

Benefits of this project include: 1) improved sight distances (safety) of the traveling public; 2) increased time between needed maintenance cycles on the rights-of-way; 3) reduced annual right-of-way vegetation management costs; 4) updated tools and techniques available for right-of-way maintenance; and 5) increased ODOT staff efficiency, knowledge and worker safety.

This project has required a great amount of project management and time that ODOT does not have the staff or availability to perform. Davey worked with the Districts to monitor the vegetation management, document the progress of each method, and perform a cost benefit analysis that will assist ODOT in determining future changes to the vegetation management program. Objectives of Phase II included: 1) Utilize new mechanical methods for vegetation management; 2) Make use of new chemical methods for vegetation management; 3) Extend maintenance cycles for herbaceous and woody vegetation; 4) Better safety for workers and users; 5) Decrease the amount of noxious weeds on the rights-of-way; and 6) Improve the abilities of workers to utilize equipment and herbicides properly.

The Research results presentation is open for in-person webinar participation. You must attend in person to receive a CPD credit.

There is no fee to participate; however, registration is required by 3:00 pm on November 22, 2016.

Click Here to Register

You will receive an email confirming your registration. Certificates of attendance will be made available upon request for those attending in person. District personnel may attend by contacting your district training coordinator. Seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.