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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research

 Archived Projects List

Project Type
LED Traffic Signal Lamp Characteristics14748Traffic
Dilemma Zone Protection & Signal Coordination at Closely-Spaced High-Speed Intersections14673Safety, Traffic
Neural Network Model for Automatic Traffic Incident Detection14690Traffic
Best ITS Management Practices & Technologies for Ohio14761Planning, Traffic
Implementation & Testing of the Travel Time Prediction System (TIPS) 14756Traffic
Off-Road Axle Detection Sensor (ORADS)14710Planning, Traffic
Evaluation of a Real-time Travel Time Prediction System in A Freeway Construction Work Zone14760Traffic
Evaluation of the Buckeye Crossbuck at Public, Passive Railroad/Highway Grade Crossings in Ohio14612Safety, Traffic
Evaluation of Ground Mounted Diagrammatic Entrance Ramp Approach Signs14674Traffic
Design and Development of an Automated NEMA Traffic Signal Controller Tester14646Traffic
Traffic Monitoring Using Satellite and Ground Data14658Planning, Traffic
Methodology for Assessing the Effectiveness of Access Management Techniques14660Traffic
Off Road Axle Detection Sensor (ORADS) Occlusion Feasibility Study14669Planning, Traffic
Identifying Stressed & Potentially Unstable Trees by Aerial Photography on Ohio's Highways14613Aerial, Maintenance
Determination of Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphalt Mixes Based on Expected Mixture Durability14734Construction, Materials
Field Testing of the ODOT Sensor-Assisted Steering System14640Construction
Implementation of a System for Controlling the Lateral Position of a Moving Vehicle - Phase II14598Construction
Long Term Monitoring of Broken & Seated Pavements14670Construction, Pavements
Application of High Performance Concrete in the Pavement System/ Structural Response of High Performance Concrete Pavement14666 & 14696Construction, Materials, Pavements
Durability & Performance Characteristics of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Polymer Additives - Phase I: Laboratory Study14701Construction, Materials
Permeability & Stability of Base & Sub-base Materials14512Construction, Pavements
Evaluation of Ohio Superpave Projects14703Construction, Materials
Neural Network Computing Model for Highway Construction Project Scheduling and Management14634Construction
Best Management Practices of Archaeological Study Methods14775Environmental, Planning
Parallel Barrier Effect for Distant Receivers14687Environmental
A Study of the Use of Low Altitude Airborne Multispectral Scanning for Preliminary Environmental Analysis of Highway Project Sites14778Environmental
Using Wetlands for Storm Water Management14636Environmental, Hydraulics
Effects of Pavement Type on Traffic Noise Levels14677Environmental
Wastewater Treatment Plant Telemetry Monitoring Pilot Project14657Environmental, Maintenance
Drilled Shaft Foundations for Noise Barrier Walls & Slope Stabilization14705Geotechnical, Structures
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