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Innerbelt Plan
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The Cleveland Innerbelt Modernization Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Documents

 DEIS - Body

DEIS Cover.pdfDEIS CoverDEIS Body406 KB
CIBDEISsignedcoversheet.pdfDEIS Signed Cover SheetDEIS Body1033 KB
DEIS Executive Summary.pdfDEIS Executive SummaryDEIS Body1813 KB
DEIS Table of Contents.pdfDEIS Table of ContentsDEIS Body613 KB
DEIS 1 - Project History and Background.pdfProject History and BackgroundDEIS Body4468 KB
DEIS 2 - Purpose and Need.pdfPurpose and NeedDEIS Body4433 KB
DEIS 3 - Alternatives Considered.pdfAlternatives ConsideredDEIS Body8167 KB
DEIS 4 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences.pdfAffected Environment and Environmental ConsequencesDEIS Body23791 KB
DEIS 5 - Public Involvement and Agency Coordination.pdfPublic Involvement and Agency CoordinationDEIS Body2995 KB
DEIS 6 - Implementation Plan.pdfImplementation PlanDEIS Body620 KB
DEIS List of Preparers.pdfDEIS List of PreparersDEIS Body22 KB
DEIS Index.pdfDEIS IndexDEIS Body1188 KB

 DEIS - Exhibits

Exhibit A.pdfExhibit A - Northern Alignment AlternativeDEIS Exhibits20757 KB
Exhibit B.pdfExhibit B - Southern Alignment AlternativeDEIS Exhibits6812 KB

 DEIS - Appendix A, Section 4(f) Data

Appendix A.pdf
581 KB

 DEIS - Appendix B, Purpose & Need Data

Appendix B.pdf
2538 KB

 DEIS - Appendix C, Previous Reports

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 DEIS - Appendix D, Environmental Data

Appendix D.pdf
3090 KB

 DEIS - Appendix E, Agency Coordination

Appendix E part 1.pdf
4027 KB
Appendix E Part 2.pdf
13547 KB
Appendix E Part 3.pdf
4283 KB

 DEIS - Appendix F, Public Involvement Materials

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 DEIS - Appendix G, Design Information

Appendix G.pdf
1997 KB

Cleveland Innerbelt Plan

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