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1XX Contractual Terms
201 Clearing And Grubbing
202 Removal Of Structures And Obstructions
203 Roadway Excavation And Embankment
204 Subgrade Compaction And Proof Rolling
205 Chemically Stabilized Embankment
206 Chemically Stabilized Subgrade
208 Rock Blasting
209 Linear Grading
862 Rockfall Protection
863 Reinforced Soil Slopes
871 Embankment Construction Using Recycled Materials
878 Inspection And Compaction Testing Of Unbound Materials
251 Partial Depth Pavement Repair
252 Full Depth Rigid Pavement Removal And Flexible Replacement
253 Pavement Repair
254 Pavement Planing
255 Full Depth Pavement Removal And Rigid Replacement
256 Bonded Patching Of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
257 Diamond Grinding Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
258 Load Transfer Retrofit
888 High Friction Surface Treatment
889 Longitudinal Diamond Grooving
301 Asphalt Concrete Base
302 Asphalt Concrete Base
304 Aggregate Base
305 Portland Cement Concrete Base
320 Rubblize And Roll
321 Cracking And Seating Non- Reinforced Concrete Pavement
407 Tack Coat
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