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Bid Histories

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​​Bid Data​​

Item Search
  • Search for ODOT items and cost history.
  • Refreshed regularly with the latest letting information.​

Bid Tabs
  • Published after projects are awarded, typically within two weeks after a letting​.
  • Only published for awarded projects, never published for rejected projects.

Summary of Contracts Awarded
  • Compiled and published by the end of January of the following year.​
Issues Opening Files
If you experience issues opening Item Search files, please try the following:​
1. Do not open the Excel file within your browser.
2. Hover your mouse cursor over the file you wish to view.
3. Click on the arrow to the right of the​ file.
4​. Select "Download a Copy" and note where the file is downloaded locally.  You should now be able to open the file on your computer.  Excel macros must be enabled for the files to function.​​​

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