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​​​Office of Estimating

Welcome to the Office of Estimating General Summary page

This page is intended to provide clarification and tips for getting the most out of the Excel based General Summary required for plan submission.

The General Summary is jointly maintained by CADD and Mapping, and the Bid Analysis and Review Team


News -January 7, 2021


The subsummary sheets were previously available as a separate download.  They are now included in the CADD Standards.  Please consult with your IT department for help installing the CADD Standards if it is not currently installed on your computer.

Obsolete Items


A number of common items have become obsolete in the past year.  Please refresh the item master to ensure no obsolete items are included at plan file. 

ItemDescriptionObsolete Date
625E36000PLASTIC CAUTION TAPE12/11/2020


News -June 22, 2016

The current version of the excel general summary can accommodate the 2016 spec year.  Please ensure the correct spec year is indicated on the excel general summary.

To conform to Federal structure nomenclature, the following headings have been changed:

"Structure 20 Foot Span and Over" is now "Structure Over 20 Foot Span"

"Structure Under 20 Foot Span" is now "Structure 20 Foot Span and Under"



News -March 3, 2016

Many updates have been made to the excel general summary in the past year.  The change log below reflects the most recent updates.

Please visit the CADD YouTube channel for instructions on how to use the newest features including the Item_Master_addin for excel.


News -September 1, 2015

Video tutorials are available on the CADD YouTube channel.  The videos address both standard and complex features of the spreadsheet.

The newest version of the excel general summary spreadsheet is dated 07/17/2015.  Several versions were released in the past year, each incrementally building on the last.  Please read the "Info" tab for the most recent details.


News -July 21, 2014

 A new version of the excel general summary spreadsheet is now available.  Please see the Change Log section below for details.  It includes a menu to look up and add pay items.  Now items can be added by typing in item numbers, pasting in item numbers, or using the lookup function.

 Please note that the version numbers will now reflect the release date (, rather than a 1, 2, 3 nomenclature.


News -April 18, 2014

Version 2.0 is now available.  Please see the Change Log section below for details.  It will provide a more robust and useful interface to CAD and we hope you will find it more structured and user-friendly.



We are experimenting with version 2.12a-1 of Estimator.  If you have a single-funded project, we invite you to export the Estimator file to XML and send it in with your plan package.



CAAD and Mapping originally developed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to link with designer plans and assist the design process.

It has grown into a required deliverable to the Office of Estimating.

The end-goal of the General Summary is to import data from construction plans as efficiently and accurately as possible.



v201Y.MM.DD - Latest GenSum release

2.0 - Phasing out, using the current version will provide more features.

Versions older than 2.0 are no longer supported.  Please copy and paste the values on the spreadsheet into a newer version.

​​​ ​​​​​​​

 Guidelines, Requirements and Tips

·         The project number must be included, example: ATH12345
·         All items must be included in the current item master
·         All headings must match the headings included in the spreadsheet
·         Please do not use special formatting, ZIP codes, etc.
·         All alternates must be contained in a separate heading, specifically for the alternate items
·         Please do not include other items within the alternate heading​
·         Both (or all, if applicable) portions of an alternate must be marked “X” in the alternate column
·         Alternates must be funded on the same split
·         Please include an Incidentals heading
·         Incidentals with quantities must have the quantity spread across all splits, PS&E will allocate funds correctly.  The excel general summary can differ from the plans in this regard.​
·         Lump sum incidentals must have a quantity of 1, LS, or LUMP across all splits, PS&E will allocate funds correctly.  The excel general summary can differ from the plans in this regard.
·         Please list funding splits left to right, starting with the leftmost funding column
·         The first plan split must start with: 01
·         Please do not include a subtotal column as a funding split
·         The correct heading for a new structure >= 20 feet is: STRUCTURE 20 FOOT SPAN AND OVER (BRIDGE #)
·         The correct heading for a new structure < 20 feet is: STRUCTURE UNDER 20 FOOT SPAN (BRIDGE #)
·         The correct heading for repairs or resurfacing to an existing bridge is: STRUCTURE REPAIR (BRIDGE #)
·         Each structure must be listed as an individual category (due to federal requirements)
o   Resurfacing doesn’t require individual categories, but can be broken out if necessary

 Change Log

02-16-2016 - Updates

o ​​Fixed coding error with the sort selection button on the General Summary sheet

o Fixed number format on DGNClip sheet for the grand total column (pages 2-10)

o Updated pulldowns on DGNClip sheet to select page number to allow for both numbers and text. The previous versions only allowed for the page numbers to be all text or all numbers. Now allowing for a mix of numbers allows for situations like having an office calcs column.

o Fixed coding error when creating the Data sheet from the SimpleForm sheet. The error caused incidental quantities to not be split evenly across all funding splits.

o Fixed incorrect font on DGNClip sheet for Part columns.

o Added dropdown selection on General Summary sheet and SimpleForm sheet to select Spec Year 2013 or Spec Year 2016. This will set which item master spec year data to use.


o Refreshed Item Master


07-17-2015 - Updates

Additional updates.  Video tutorials are available on the CADD YouTube channel.​



07-18-2014 - Updates

A new button is added: Insert Pay Items

This function can insert pay items or headings


Version 2.0 - Major Release

Dynamic Sheet Numbers and Participation columns

Integrated and refreshable Item Master

DGN Clipboard tab

A SimpleForm tab with just the basics

Ability to import an XML file from Estimator

Updated Info tab

Additional updates


Version 1.4 - Minor Updates

Improved formatting

Updated headings to match Location and Design Manual


Version 1.3 - Major Release

Altered column configuration

Major function updates


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Examples

An example of Version 2.0 will be available soon.

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