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The Design Build Manual and Design Build Scope Form are updated by ODOT on a quarterly basis throughout the year.  The following table is a historical collection of previous manuals.  The manuals and forms are PDF copies of the original manuals and forms as published on the quarterly release date.

Click on the link provided under the "Type" or "Name" column below to download each file.

collapse Release Date : 1/21/2011 ‎(2)
Design Build Scope FormDesign_Build_scope_form_0111.pdfDesign_Build_scope_form_0111
Design Build Scope Form (Word Format)Design_Build_scope_form_0111.docDesign_Build_scope_form_0111
collapse Release Date : 7/16/2010 ‎(2)
Design Build Scope FormDesign_Build_scope_form_0710.pdfDesign_Build_scope_form_0710
Design Build Scope Form (Word Format)Design_Build_scope_form_0710.docDesign_Build_scope_form_0710
collapse Release Date : 4/17/2009 ‎(3)
Design Build Scope ManualDesign_Build_scope_manual_4-17-09.pdfDesign_Build_scope_manual_4-17-09
Design Build Scope FormDesign_Build_scope_form_4-17-09.pdfDesign_Build_scope_form_4-17-09
Design Build Scope Form (Word Format)Design_Build_scope_form_4-17-09.docDesign_Build_scope_form_4-17-09
collapse Release Date : 1/23/2009 ‎(2)
Design Build Scope ManualDesign_Build_scope_manual_1-23-09.pdfDesign_Build_scope_manual_1-23-09
Design Build Scope FormDesign_Build_scope_form_1-23-09.pdfDesign_Build_scope_form_1-23-09
collapse Release Date : 10/20/2006 ‎(2)
DB Scope ManualDesign_Build_scope_Manual_archive_10202006.PDFDesign_Build_scope_Manual_archive_10202006
Design Build Scope FormDesign_Build_scope_form_archive_10202006.PDFDesign_Build_scope_form_archive_10202006

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