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Bridge Inspection
Bridge Inspection and Maintenance

 Bridge Inspection


Mike Brokaw, P.E. Assistant Administrator (614) 387-6210


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide standards, policy, procedures, training and resources to enable bridge personnel to consistently monitor and continuously preserve the quality of Ohio's bridges. This support is focused on:
  • Ensuring public safety and confidence
  • Protecting the public investment
  • Identifying and assessing structure needs
  • Providing accurate structure records
  • Fulfilling legal responsibilities
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Bridge Inspection Notes in AssetWise_02262021.pdf
2/26/2021 1:41 PMMichael Brokaw
Channel Cross Section Procedure_01262017.pdf
2/6/2017 4:07 PMMichael Brokaw
High Mast Base Inspection Training Slides.pdf
1/23/2015 10:08 AMMichael Brokaw
Interim Updates_01302017.pdf
3/30/2017 1:59 PMMichael Brokaw
Snooper Operations Manual.pdf
2/6/2015 1:19 PMMichael Brokaw
Bridge Inspection Compliance (23 Metrics) PY 2014.pdf
QA Questionnaire.pdf
QA Office Review Guide.pdf
QA Field Review Guide.pdf
Chapter 1_Introduction_Program Organization, Quality Assurance, Regulations and Definitions.pdf
Cover Page and Table of Contents.pdf
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Chapter 1_Introduction.pdf
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Chapter 2_Restrictions.pdf
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Chapter 3_Files.pdf
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Chapter 4_Inspection Types.pdf
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Chapter 5_Qualifications.pdf
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Chapter 6_Safety and Equipment.pdf
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Chapter 7_Field Evaluation.pdf
1961 KB
Chapter 8_Assigning Condition Ratings to the 1-4 Items.pdf
825 KB
Chapter 9_Assigning Element Level Condition States to the 1-4 Items.pdf
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Chapter 10_Component Commentary.pdf
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8340 KB
Complete Manual of Bridge Inspection 2014 v8 with Appendix.pdf
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Manual of Bridge Inspection 2014 v8 without Appendix.pdf
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Field Manual_Element Level (Chapters 7 and 9).pdf
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Field Manual_Condition Rating (Chapters 7 and 8).pdf
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1973 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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1984 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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1998 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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2001 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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2006 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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2010 Bridge Inspection Manual.pdf
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Overview of Revisions.pdf
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OmarAbu-HajarMunicipal Bridge
Jim BladenBridge Specialist 2 (Snooper)(614) 315-1794
DanBredaBridge Specialist 2614-809-1185
MikeBrokawAssistant Administrator(614)
DarrylShannonBridge Specialist 2 (Snooper)(614)519-3063
MattStefanikBridge Specialist 2 (Snooper)(614)315-1751