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​​Bridge Inventory & Inspection

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​​​​​​​​​Bridge Inventory & Inspection Section

 Mike Brokaw, P.E. 

Assistant Administrator (614) 387-6210

The Bridge Inventory and Inspection section provides standards, training, quality assurance and snooper-access to Ohio bridge program managers, bridge engineers and bridge inspectors.  

    I. Data Collection 
  • AssetWise Landing Page - AssetWise is the web application for all bridge inventory and inspection data.  This application went live on  May 11, 2020.  The previous application was called SMS.  The landing page has change request forms, video tutorials and frequently asked questions and should be used in conjunction with AssetWise.
  • Structure Management System (SMS) Landing Page - SMS was the web-​application between July 2014 and March 2020.  It was replaced by Assetwise (link above).  SMS was retired on March 26th 2020.  The site is read-only and available for a limited time.  Access for ODOT requires your Active Directory sign-in is managed through MyODOT (for non ODOT employees). 
    II. Training 
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Bridge Inspection Training Course - Level 1 and Level 2 Comprehensive Bridge Inspection Training will be offered through LTAP.  Use the link above to filter through available LTAP training to register.  
  • Online ODOT Bridge Inspection Refresher Training - This is a Covid-friendly course for practicing inspectors to maintain their Team Leader and Program Manager status in AssetWise.  Instructions for attending are here.  Instructions for uploading certificates to AssetWise are in AssetWise>Help>Documentation module.
  • Video Tutorials​ - View videos on how to move around AssetWise, assign condition ratings, fill out element level tables and fill out inventory fields.  
    III. Web Applications 
  • Bridge Inventory and Appraisal (BIA) Reports - Export individual bridge reports using a known SFN or County-Route-SLM.
  • Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) - Map-Level data filtering, viewing and exporting all bridge data.  Watch this 13 minute video in order to learn how to use TIMS to manage and use Bridge Data.  Use the excel spreadsheet in the "Bridge Inventory" section below to insert in the top two rows of the TIMS data export.  The headings reflect the AssetWise field name and AssetWise field value descriptions.  
  • Roadway Infrastructure Responsibility Manual (RIMR) - Bridge responsibility in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) organized in table format
  • Buckeye Assets - Map based filtering of historic and restricted bridges 
  • Bridge Photos - Photos of state DOT bridges.  These photos are manually uploaded depending on District resources
  • Snooper Request for Next Year - Non-ODOT bridges only.  Fill out this form to request the department's snooper truck next calendar year.  Cutoff is December 15th and 40 local-agency bridges are selected by Christmas.  Rules and descriptions are provided on the form.
    IV. National Resources

Bridge Inventory Coding Guide 2021-01.pdf
3952 KB
Heading for TIMS Export of Bridge Inventory.xlsx
33 KB
2014 Snooper Operations Manual.pdf
1341 KB
Addendum 1_Channel Cross Section Requirement_eff. 01262017.pdf
8282 KB
Addendum 2_Coding Substructure and Expansion Joint Component Ratings Guidance_ eff. 01302017.pdf
4501 KB
Addendum 2A_ Cap-Pile-Pier Pile Section loss notesheet.pdf
17 KB
Addendum 3_Inspection Comments Requirement_eff. 02262021.pdf
1510 KB
Addendum 4_Reliability Based Inspection (RBI) State Law Change_ eff. 07012021.pdf
392 KB
Legacy Clause Checklist for Comprehensive Training.docx
30 KB
Manual of Bridge Inspection 2010 (reference only) - Archived.pdf
6843 KB
Manual of Bridge Inspection 2014 Appendix Only.pdf
8451 KB
Manual of Bridge Inspection 2014.pdf
107210 KB
OmarAbu-Hajar, P.E.Data Compliance & Municipal Bridge Program
JaredBacks, P.E.Bridge Inspection Assistant Program
Jim BladenBridge Inspection Snooper Operator (Supporting Districts 1,6,7,8,9&10)(614) 315-1794
DanBredaBridge Inspection Snooper Operator and Drone Pilot (Supporting District 2,3,4,5,11&12)(614) 809-1185
MikeBrokaw, P.E.Bridge Inspection Program
JamesDavisBridge Inventory & Roadway Data Integration
KammyReamAssetwise Application Manager & Bridge
DarrylShannonBridge Inspection Snooper Operator (Supporting Districts 1,6,7,8,9&10)(614) 519-3063
MattStefanikBridge Inspection Snooper Operator and Drone Pilot (Supporting Districts 2,3,4,5,11&12)(614) 315-1751