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ODOT Seismic Update

Seismic Policy


Seismic Policy has MOV​ED.

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​​​ODOT's Seismic Update

December 14, 2016

ODOT presented an update to the Seismic Policy for bridge and structure design. This update provided an introduction to Seismology; presented Ohio's seismic history; discussed AASHTO's seismic design philosophy; explained the reason for the policy update; illustrated the process to determine the seismic hazard for a project location; and discussed the design impact of ODOT's new seismic policy on new and existing structures.

Please find below all information that was presented during the event.


Introduction to Seismology.pptxIntroduction to Seismology.pptx

Seismic Update_Seismic_Hazard.pptxSeismic Update_Seismic_Hazard.pptx

Seismic Update_New Structures.pptxSeismic Update_New Structures.pptx

Seismic Update_Rehab_Strategies.pptxSeismic Update_Rehab_Strategies.pptx

Seismic Attendance List.pdfODOT Seismic Policy Update Agenda.pdf

ODOT's Seismic Policy Design Example Booklet.pdfODOT's Seismic Policy Design Example Booklet.pdf

Seismic Attendance List.pdfSeismic Attendance List.pdf