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Highway Safety Improvement Program
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Each year, the Ohio Department of Transportation prioritizes roadway locations for safety study or review. Recommendations from the study are used to make safety improvements to the roadway, such as upgrading signs, signals or pavement markings, or reconfiguring and rebuilding intersections and roadway segments.

Ohio is one of the first states in the country to fully implement AASHTOWare’s Safety Analyst to prioritize safety locations across Ohio. Safety Analyst uses state-of-the-art statistical methodologies to identify roadway locations with the highest potential for reducing crashes. The software system flags spot locations and road segments that have higher-than-predicted crash frequencies. It also flags locations for review based on crash severity.

This methodology is more efficient and cost effective and allows the department to study fewer locations yet address more crashes each year.

ODOT typically studies up to 200 locations across the state each year. These locations are grouped by type of roadway including:

  • Rural Intersection
  • Rural Segment – Non Freeway
  • Rural Freeway
  • Urban Intersection
  • Urban Segment – Non Freeway
  • Urban Freeway
  • Suburban Intersection
  • Suburban Segment – Non Freeway


Rural locations listed have a higher-than-predicted crash frequency when compared to similar roadway types across Ohio. Urban locations listed have a higher-than-predicted crash frequency for fatalities or injuries than similar roadway types statewide. The methodology used to prioritize urban locations is based on severity instead of frequency so ODOT can focus its limited resources on more serious crashes instead of congested-related crashes, which are less likely to result in serious injuries.

UPDATE: The 2019 HSIP Priority List pubilication date is delayed for several months due to the change in methodology and system upgrades.  Please check back at a later date.

For more information view the priority lists pages linked in the right column or the documents below:

2010 SafetyAnalyst Peak Searching Excess Locations.xls
2011 SafetyAnalyst Peak Searching Excess Locations Top 500.xls
2012 SafetyAnalyst Peak Searching Excess Locations_Top 500.xls
2013 HSIP Priority Locations_Top 500.xlsx
2014 HSIP Priority Locations_Top 500.xlsx
2015 HSIP Priority Locations_Published.xlsx
2016 HSIP Priority Locations_Published.xlsx
2017 HSIP Priority Locations_Published.xlsm
2018 HSIP Priority Locations_vPublished.xlsm
2020 HSIP Priority Locations_Published.xlsm
2021 HSIP Priority Locations_Published.xlsm

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