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 Map Order Request Info

The 2019 edition of the map is available for distribution using the form below. This is the most current and accurate map available at this time. Thank you for your interest.

Please do visit the "Ohio. Find It Here" site for other extensive travel and touris​m information,​ and use their Ohio Travel Guide Order Page to have their information mailed to you.

ODOT does not produce or distribute other national, state, coun​ty, or local municipality maps. The order form below is ONLY for the official Ohio Transportation Map. ​Please check in directly with other agencies (such as County Engineers Offices and Ohio City & Village Websites) to request local maps from those entities.

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(Comments are optional. Requests for multiple copies are considered if specified here- and if an email address is provided above for additional follow up). SEE THE SUGGESTIONS ABOVE FOR OTHER MAPS! We don't provide anything other than state transportation maps!