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Ohio Department of Transportation 

Materials Management

Certified Producers and Suppliers 

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Certified Suppliers

S​​upplement 401.04/SS1116       Reclaimed Asphalt Shingle Suppliers
Supplement 1078 Structural Steel Fabricators ​
Supplement 711.12 Certified Iron Castings Producers 
Supplement 1016 Certified Carbonate Micro-fine Suppliers
Supplement 1019​ Certified Metal Pipe Suppliers 
Supplement 1022 Certified Seed Suppliers
Supplement 1026 and Supplement 1115  Certified Fly Ash Sources and Suppliers
Supplement 1028 Certified Cement Producers
Supplement 1032​ ​ Certified Asphalt Liquid Suppliers
Supplement 1034 Certified GGBF Slag Suppliers
Supplement 1042 Certified Guardrail Suppliers
Supplement 1045 Certified Micro-Silica Suppliers
Supplement 1066

Certified Plastic Pipe Suppliers

Supplement 1067 Certified Fencing Suppliers
Supplement 1068 Certified Reinforcing Steel/Wire Mesh Suppliers​
Supplement 1069

Aggregate Producers/Suppliers

Supplement 1072 Certified Lumber Suppliers
Supplement 1073 Certified Precast Concrete Producers
Supplement 1074 
(Note: NPCA and/or Q-Cast Certifications are acceptable.)
Certified Concrete Pipe Producers
Supplement 1079 and 515​ Prestre​ssed Concrete Bridge Member Fabricators
Supplement 1081 Certified Elastomeric Bearing
Supplement 1084 Certified Bridge Paint Suppliers
Supplement 1088​ Certified Hot Applied Joint Sealer Suppliers
Supplement 1091 Certified Light Poles and Light Tower Suppliers
Supplement 1092 Certified Highway Sign Suppliers
Supplement 1093 Certified Sign Support Suppliers
Supplement 1094​ Certified Signal Supports and Strain Pole Suppliers