The Office of Materials Management Concrete Section performs inspection of all prestressed concrete bridge beams for ODOT projects.  We also offer this service to the LPA .  Any local project with State or Federal money; projects sold under the equirements of ODOT item 515; and including projects with ARRA money  been inspected by this office to assure compliance to the specifications and provide documentation of acceptance of the beams. 

Contact Materials Management  to initiate the inspection. After the request is received, OMM will work with the fabricator to set up a pre-fabrication meeting, witness production, perform a final inspection and review the QC data to insure that the beams meet the requirements of the project. The shop drawings must be reviewed and approved by the Contractor and the Sponsoring Agency before being sent to OMM. They must be received by OMM within 3 days of scheduling a prefab meeting. 







 The inspection request from the local agency should  include the following: 

a.   Bridge number or name, PID #, etc.
b.   Description of the beam type, dimension and quantity
c.   Fabricator of the beams must be a certified fabricator listed on ODOT’s website at time of sale
2.   Copy of the request from the Contractor to use the fabricator as required in 501.03
d.   Estimated production and shipping schedule of the beams
3.   Electronic submittal of shop drawings in pdf format is preferred.
a.   Three (3) sets 11 x 17 inch or 22 x 34 inch  shop drawings, sealed by 2 registered P.E.'s. 
b.   Written acceptance letter of the drawings from the Contractor
c.    Written acceptance of the drawings from the LPA
4.   One (1) set of bridge design plans and special provisions, either 17 x 11 inch printed copy or PDF file

Mail printed copy to:
Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Materials Management
1600 W. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43223-1298

Send email & attachments to:
Klaire Mason
Telephone: 614-275-1326
Fax: 614-887-4730