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 2019 Geotechnical Consultant Workshop

On June 18, 2019, the ODOT Office of Geotechnical Engineering (OGE)
held a Geotechnical Consultant Workshop.
Adobe Acrobat Viewer (pdf) versions of the PowerPoint presentations of topics presented and discussed are now available HERE.

 Prefabricated Retaining Wall System (PRWS) Approval Process

To our Consultants, Contractors, and Wall Suppliers,
Please note that ODOT instituted the current approval process for Prefabricated Retaining Wall Systems (PRWS) on April 01, 2016.  Prefabricated Retaining Wall suppliers seeking approval of their PRWS for use on ODOT projects must submit applications in accordance with the requirements of the PRWS Approval Process. The approval status of any wall system on the ODOT Approved Product List (Approved List) will expire five years from the date of placement on the list or when there are changes in the wall system as described in the Prefabricated Retaining Wall Systems Approval Process.
The PRWS Approval Process documentation can be located on the ODOT Approved Products List (Approved List) located here:
A link to the PRWS Approval Process documentation is also available on the left-hand menu bar of the ODOT Office of Geotechnical Engineering (OGE) web site:
The following types of Prefabricated Retaining Wall Systems are subject to approval by this process:
·         Precast Gravity and Semigravity Retaining Wall Systems
·         Prefabricated Modular Retaining Wall Systems:
            - Bin Wall Systems
            - Crib Wall Systems
            - Modular Block Wall Systems
     (also known as Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW), Modular Segmental Retaining Walls, and Modular Concrete Block Retaining Walls)
·         Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Systems
Please note that Modular Block Wall Systems that incorporate soil reinforcements, such as geogrids, are considered MSE Walls, and must meet the requirements of Supplemental Specification (SS) 840, and the Submittal Requirements for Approval of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Systems as given in the PRWS Approval Process. Modular Block Wall Systems used as gravity walls must meet the requirements of SS870 and the Submittal Requirements for Approval of Prefabricated Modular Retaining Wall Systems. If a Modular Block Wall System is to be used as either a gravity wall or an MSE wall, the supplier must make two submissions: one for each of the wall system types.

 gINT Download Files


The ODOT gINT Library, Data Template, and Example Project files are available HERE.  gINT version or greater is required to use these files.  For those who do not have gINT version, or do not wish to use the ODOT gINT Library and Template, we are also making available the Official ODOT Symbols and Tiles for use in gINT Reports.