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 Bridge Plan Checklist


The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Structural Engineering, has assembled a checklist that can be used as an aide in the preparation of detail construction plans for bridges. While this checklist was prepared based on current policy at the time of development, ODOT assumes no responsibility for any errors, mistakes or inaccuracies that may occur while using the information contained in the checklist or from a change in policy that may not be reflected in the checklist. This checklist is intended to be used only as a general guide, or reminder, to the designer, checker and reviewer and is not intended to be a replacement for the user’s own professional judgment based on sound engineering principles.




The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Structural Engineering, has developed library files for the state's standard I-beam and adjacent box beam sections; prestressing strands; live loads; and rebar for use with Bentley System Inc.'s Leap Conspan software.  ODOT encourages designers to utilize these section libraries for consistency in design and review of plans developed with this software.  ODOT does not endorse the use of Bentley System Inc.'s software package over other commercially available design software packages.

Below is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the design of earth retaining walls on soil. The spreadsheet provides both geotechnical and structural design for the retaining wall. The user accepts all responsibility for their design.  A spreadsheet is not a substitution for good engineering judgment.