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Continuing Professional Development

In recent years, Ohio LTAP has occasionally received the following questions (or similar variations) from its customers regarding Ohio Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements and credits for licensed Professional Engineers and Surveyors.

"Do any of the workshops/courses offered by Ohio LTAP qualify for CPD credit for licensed Professional Engineers or Surveyors?"

Unfortunately, there is not a quick and simple answer to this question.  However, the following information should be helpful as a general guideline.

  • The State of Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board does not pre-approve CPD courses or CPD providers.
  • Ohio LTAP does not make the determination as to whether or not any of its workshops or courses might qualify for CPD credit.
  • Each licensed professional engineer/surveyor is responsible for making sure that the courses they take for CPD credit meet the CPD requirements.  The Continuing Education / Frequently Asked Questions page of the Engineers and Surveyors Board website ( http://www.peps.ohio.gov/ ) states the following:
  • There are three basic questions that will help you judge if a course is acceptable.
    1. Is the activity, course or seminar relevant to the practice of engineering or surveying and does it include technical, ethical or managerial content?
    2. Is the provider of the course, seminar or activity reputable and one that can demonstrate knowledge and expertise on the subject matter?
    3. Does the provider supply a course outline and a record of attendance? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then the courses will likely meet Ohio's CPD requirement.

If you are trying to make a determination about a particular Ohio LTAP workshop or course with regard to possible CPD credit, please carefully read the announcement flyer, particularly the sections listing the Description, Agenda and Instructor(s).

"If I attend the entire duration of a workshop/course offered through Ohio LTAP, will I receive some type of documentation that I attended?"

Yes.  At the end of our regular LTAP workshops/courses, attendees receive an attendance certificate that lists their name (if they pre-registered) and the topic, date, and number of Contact Hours of training completed.  Please note:

  • Ohio LTAP occasionally facilitates workshops/courses taught by external training providers that issue their own attendance certificates.  These typically contain similar information as described for the LTAP certificates.
  • An exception is that Ohio LTAP does not issue attendance certificates for the abbreviated "Circuit Rider" classes (2 to 3 hours) that are provided on-site at local agency facilties.

We hope this information helps to address any questions you may have had regarding workshops/courses offered by Ohio LTAP.  Again, the ultimate responsibility rests with each licensed professional engineer or surveyor to select appropriate courses or activities for CPD credit.  Please refer to the Engineers and Surveyors Board website ( http://www.peps.ohio.gov/ ) for detailed information regarding CPD requirements.

Ethics Training Information

On January 6, 2017, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 236 into law.  The bill updated Ohio Revised Code (ORC) § 4733.151 (C) by adding #2 as listed below:
“(C) (1) A person registered as both a professional engineer and professional surveyor shall complete at least ten of the thirty hours required under division (A) of this section in engineering-related coursework or activities and at least ten of those thirty hours in surveying-related coursework or activities.
(2) Beginning with registrations expiring on or after the last day of December 2017, a person registered as a professional engineer or professional surveyor shall complete at least two of the thirty hours required under division (A) of this section on professional ethics or rules relevant to the practices of engineering or surveying.” [1]
This update to the law for Engineering and Surveying Continuing Professional Development (CPD) means license holders are now required to complete two hours of training on ethics or the rules relevant to the practices of engineering or surveying when submitting license renewals for the 2020/2021 period.  This training needs to be taken during 2018/2019 for the 2020/2021 renewal period. 
So how or where can Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors obtain the required ethics or rules training?  The following sources are currently available, free of charge, as an option to complete ethics training:
·       The Ohio Ethics Law E-Course from the Ohio Ethics Commission - The course is approximately one hour in length and offers an overview of the entire Ethics Law.  An electronic certificate of completion will be offered at the end of the e-course.  Do not turn off your browser at completion of course until you have completed the Certificate of Completion page! To receive your Certificate of Completion, the course must be viewed in one sitting and the learner must achieve a passing score of at least 70 percent on the quiz contained throughout the course.  The course fulfills the annual Ethics Law training requirement per Executive Order 2011-03 for state employees. The course is equally applicable and appropriate for all local government employees and officials, as well.
o   This course can be accessed at the following webpage link:  http://www.ethics.ohio.gov/education/elearning/ecourses.html
·       Ohio Ethics Law Webinars - The Ohio Ethics Commission presents monthly one-hour webinars to provide a convenient and helpful overview of the Ohio Ethics Law.  Once registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the webinar.
o   The webinar sign-up can be accessed at the following webpage link:  http://www.ethics.ohio.gov/education/webinars.html

[1] Full text of ORC § 4733.151 available at:  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4733.151v1 (last visited 6/7/18)