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Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Maintenance Program - 

Implementation Guide for Ohio's Local Agencies

Need help on where to start with implementing your Sign Retroreflectivity Maintenance Program ?  We have the resource for you!  The Ohio LTAP Center has developed a job aid to assist Ohio's local roadway agencies with this process.

The resource publication/package is called "Getting Started:  Implementing a Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Maintenance Program."  It is designed to:

  • introduce the new sign retroreflectivity requirements;
  • review the available methods an agency can choose from to maintain the retroreflectivity of their signs;
  • provide three examples of customizable program templates;
  • outline additional resources available concerning the new retroreflectivity standards.

This resource is primarily being distributed by electronic means.  Interested persons are welcome to download and/or print their own copies as needed.

The guide is available below as a complete file for download and in individual sections for quicker downloading.

BONUS Resource:  An excellent instructional video called "Narrated Explanation of the Minimum Retroreflectivity Numbers" can be viewed through the FHWA Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit website at this link:  http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/roadway_dept/night_visib/retrotoolkit/requirements/table2a-3.htm 

If you have questions regarding the guide, please contact Mike Fitch, P.E., at 614-387-7358 or mike.fitch@dot.state.oh.us.


 Complete Implementation Guide

GSfile5 - Template 1 - Calibration Signs Procedure.pdf
GSfile6 - Template 2 - Comparison Panels Procedure.pdf
GSfile7 - Template 3 - Consistent Parameters Procedure.pdf
October 2013 Updates.pdf

 Individual Sections of the Guide

GSfile1 - Front Matter.pdf
GSfile2 - Chapter I - Introduction and Requirements.pdf
GSfile3 - Chapter II - Selecting a Method.pdf
GSfile4 - Chapter III - Using a Progam Template.pdf
GSfile8 - Chapter IV - Additional Resources.pdf

 Templates - Customizable Word Documents

GSfile5 - Template 1 - Calibration Signs Procedure.docx
GSfile6 - Template 2 - Comparison Panels Procedure.docx
GSfile7 - Template 3 - Consistent Parameters Procedure.docx