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​Current ODOT Western Ohio Region Job Postings

ReturnALLjobs.pngThe Ohio Department of Transportation's job postings and application process is centrally administered by the statewide Ohio Hiring Management System (OHMS). Below are direct links to current ODOT Job Postings on the OHMS site that are accepting open applications from all interested and qualified individuals. Please visit the OHMS site to view and apply for all ODOT and other state government employment opportunities.


 Western Region Sign Up

College Intern, Mechanic, PN 20060611, D7.aspxCollege Intern, Mechanic, PN 20060611, D77/6/2017Shelby7
College Intern, Mechanic, PN 20061793, D7.aspxCollege Intern, Mechanic, PN 20061793, D77/11/2018Logan7
Highway Technician 1, PN 200618185, D7.aspxHighway Technician 1, PN 200618185, D77/12/2018Mercer7
College Intern, PN 20062892, D8.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20062892, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, PN 20062893, Design, D8.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20062893, Design, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, PN 20062889, Traffic, D8.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20062889, Traffic, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, District Garage, PN 20076031, D8.aspxCollege Intern, District Garage, PN 20076031, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, PN 20085334, Structures, D8.aspxCollege Intern, PN 20085334, Structures, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, Planning, PN 20085333, D8.aspxCollege Intern, Planning, PN 20085333, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, Survey, PN 200894824, D8.aspxCollege Intern, Survey, PN 200894824, D8New7/16/2018Warren8
College Intern, Various, PN 20081175, D8.aspxCollege Intern, Various, PN 20081175, D8New7/16/2018Warren8