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Real Estate 
District Real Estate Engineer:
            Oversee section and work to improve coordination amongst other departments.
Chris Huff, P.E. ​Real Estate Engineer ​330-786-4853
Right of Way:
Coordinate of all right-of-way plan development between design agencies, local entities, and the various acquisition agencies. This coordination includes project scheduling, right-of-way plan design, right-of-way plan review, as well as supporting the State Attorney General with exhibits and expert testimony for appropriation cases. This section is also responsible for District property management
John Messmore, P.S. ​LPA R/W Coordinator/Prop. Management ​330-786-4828
Tim Ward, P.S. ​R/W Plan Designer/Reviewer ​330-786-4844
Brian Honaker, P.S. ​R/W Plan Reviewer ​330-786-4813
Reviews all projects submitted by consultants and in-house personnel for conflicts with utilities. Coordinate with utility companies to resolve conflicts and monitor relocations through construction.
Matt Steele, P.E. ​Utility Engineer ​330-786-4832
Steve Sasala, P.E. ​Utility Engineer ​330-786-4857
Railroad Coordination:
Oversee the process for obtaining construction agreements from railroad companies for highway projects to include railroad force accounts.
Brian Honaker, P.S. ​Railroad Coordinator


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Real Estate:
Coordinate the acquisition process, to include title research, appraisals, appraisal reviews, negotiations, and closing for all District projects that require right of way.
Cheryl Everett ​Realty Specialist Manager ​330-786-4901
Kristin Bergdorf Realty Specialist​ 330-786-4888​
Tom Brett Realty Specialist​ 330-786-4983​