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E9th Ontario Dual Ramp Closure

Innerbelt Bridge
E 9th Street/Ontario Dual Ramp Closure Information 

Both the Ontario ramp to I-90 west/I-71 south & the E 9th Street ramp to I-90 west/I-71 south are closed. 
Both ramps are scheduled to open onto the new bridge on or around November 9. Initially, access will only be available from E 9th and Ontario to I-90 west and to Abbey Avenue, in Tremont.  Access will be restored to I-71 south later in November, when the new bridge opens in its entirety.
**Please note that the timeframe may change due to delays based on weather or other impacts.
A number of roadway improvements will reduce the anticipated congestion due to the 1,448 vehicles displaced from the E 9th Street ramp during rush hour.   
During these closures, there will be several ways to reach I-90 west/I-71 south from downtown.  Alt90Sign.jpg
Alternate routes include:
  • Take the I-77 south ramps at Ontario/Orange, E 9th or E 21st,  then enter I-490 west for access to I-90 west or I-71 south.
  • Take the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge and enter I-90 west from W 25th St. Continue south on W 25th St. for access to I-71 south.
  • Enter I-490 west at Broadway Avenue for access to I-90 west or I-71 south.
  • Enter I-90 west at E 14th Street with access to I-71 south.
  • Click here for a printable map of alternate routes.

For those traveling from downtown to Cleveland’s west or south sides Opt for the Alternate!  and follow the signs for “Alternate I-90” - like the one in the image above - to reach your west or south side destination via I-90 or I-71.