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Revision Logs
Standard detail drawings related to the design and use of traffic control devices used in ODOT plans.

Standard Construction Drawings - Traffic
Revision Logs

Revision Logs that included changes to both Standard Construction Drawings (SCDs) and Plan Insert Sheets (PISs), or only SCDs, are listed below. Revision Logs that included changes to only PISs can be found on the PIS website​.

collapse Year Published : 2021 ‎(1)
011521_Rev Log.pdf01/15/21 SCD Revision Log011521_Rev Log149 KB 1/15/2021
collapse Year Published : 2020 ‎(3)
071720_Rev Log.pdf07/17/20 SCD Revision Log071720_Rev Log131 KB 7/17/2020
041720_Rev Log.pdf04/17/20 SCD Revision Log041720_Rev Log148 KB 4/17/2020
011720_Rev Log.pdf01/17/20 SCD/PIS Revision Log011720_Rev Log148 KB 1/17/2020
collapse Year Published : 2019 ‎(4)
101819_RevLog.pdf10/18/19 SCD Revision Log101819_RevLog23 KB 10/18/2019
071919_Rev Log.pdf07/19/19 SCD Revision Log071919_Rev Log50 KB 7/19/2019
041919_Rev Log.pdf04/19/19 SCD Revision Log041919_Rev Log41 KB 4/19/2019
011819_Rev Log.pdf01/18/19 SCD Revision Log011819_Rev Log40 KB 1/18/2019
collapse Year Published : 2018 ‎(2)
072018_Rev Log.pdf07/20/18 SCD Revison Log072018_Rev Log47 KB 7/20/2018
011918_Rev Log.pdf01/19/18 SCD/PIS Revision Log011918_Rev Log139 KB 1/19/2018
collapse Year Published : 2017 ‎(3)
072117_Rev Log.pdf07/21/17 SCD Revision Log072117_Rev Log133 KB 7/21/2017
042117_Rev Log.pdf04/21/17 SCD Revision Log042117_Rev Log83 KB 4/21/2017
012017_Rev Log.pdf01/20/17 SCD/PIS Revision Log012017_Rev Log146 KB 1/20/2017
collapse Year Published : 2016 ‎(2)
071516_Rev Log.pdf07/15/16 SCD/PIS Revision Log071516_Rev Log142 KB 7/15/2016
011516_Rev Log.pdf01/15/16 SCD/PIS Revision Log011516_Rev Log133 KB 1/15/2016
collapse Year Published : 2015 ‎(3)
101615_Rev Log.pdf10/16/15 SCD Revision Log101615_Rev Log22 KB 10/16/2015
071715_Rev Log.pdf07/17/15 SCD/PIS Revision Log071715_Rev Log22 KB 7/17/2015
011615_Rev Log.pdf01/16/15 SCD/PIS Revision Log011615_Rev Log34 KB 1/16/2015
collapse Year Published : 2014 ‎(2)
071814_Rev Log.pdf07/18/14 SCD/PIS Revision Log071814_Rev Log32 KB 7/18/2014
011714_Rev Log.pdf01/17/14 SCD/PIS Revision Log011714_Rev Log27 KB 1/17/2014
collapse Year Published : 2013 ‎(3)
101813_Rev Log.pdf10/18/13 SCD/PIS Revision Log101813_Rev Log21 KB 10/18/2013
071913_Rev Log.pdf07/19/13 SCD/PIS Revision Log071913_Rev Log41 KB 9/5/2013
011813_Rev Log.pdf01/18/13 SCD/PIS Revision Log011813_Rev Log24 KB 1/18/2013
collapse Year Published : 2012 ‎(4)
101912_Rev Log.pdf10/19/12 SCD Revision Log101912_Rev Log18 KB 10/19/2012
072012_Rev Log.pdf07/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Log072012_Rev Log36 KB 7/20/2012
042012_Rev Log.pdf04/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Log042012_Rev Log21 KB 4/20/2012
012012_Rev Log.pdf01/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Log012012_Rev Log14 KB 1/20/2012
collapse Year Published : 2011 ‎(4)
102111_Rev Log.pdf10/21/11 SCD/PIS Revision Log102111_Rev Log19 KB 10/21/2011
071511_Rev Log.pdf07/15/11 SCD/PIS Revision Log071511_Rev Log15 KB 7/15/2011
041511_Rev Log.pdf04/15/11 SCD/PIS Revision Log041511_Rev Log21 KB 4/21/2011
012111_Rev Log.pdf01/21/11 SCD/PIS Revision Log012111_Rev Log28 KB 1/24/2011
collapse Year Published : 2010 ‎(6)
101510_Rev Log.pdf10/15/10 SCD/PIS Revision Log101510_Rev Log31 KB 10/15/2010
071610_Rev Log.pdf07/16/10 SCD/PIS Revision Log071610_Rev Log29 KB 7/16/2010
052110_Rev Log.PDF05/21/10 SCD Revision Log052110_Rev Log18 KB 5/21/2010
052010_Rev Log.PDF05/20/10 SCD Revision Log052010_Rev Log18 KB 5/20/2010
041610_Rev Log.pdf04/16/10 SCD/PIS Revision Log041610_Rev Log18 KB 4/16/2010
011510_Rev Log.pdf01/15/10 SCD/PIS Revision Log011510_Rev Log20 KB 1/15/2010
collapse Year Published : 2009 ‎(5)
101609_Rev Log.pdf10/16/09 SCD Revision Log101609_Rev Log22 KB 10/16/2009
071709_Rev Log.pdf07/17/09 SCD/PIS Revision Log071709_Rev Log24 KB 7/17/2009
041709_Rev Log.pdf04/17/09 SCD/PIS Revision Log041709_Rev Log53 KB 6/30/2009
030609_Rev Log.pdf03/06/09 SCD Revision Log030609_Rev Log20 KB 3/6/2009
011609_Rev Log.pdf01/16/09 SCD/PIS Revision Log011609_Rev Log68 KB 1/26/2009
collapse Year Published : 2008 ‎(2)
071808_Rev Log.pdf07/18/08 SCD/PIS Revision Log071808_Rev Log30 KB 7/18/2008
011808_Rev Log.pdf01/18/08 SCD/PIS Revision Log011808_Rev Log32 KB 1/18/2008
collapse Year Published : 2007 ‎(2)
101907_Rev Log.pdf10/19/07 SCD/PIS Revision Log101907_Rev Log38 KB 10/19/2007
011907_Rev Log.pdf01/19/07 SCD Revision Log011907_Rev Log66 KB 1/19/2007
collapse Year Published : 2006 ‎(3)
102006_Rev Log.pdf10/20/06 SCD Revision Log102006_Rev Log29 KB 10/20/2006
090506_Rev Log.pdf09/05/06 SCD/PIS Revision Log090506_Rev Log61 KB 9/5/2006
042106_Rev Log.pdf04/21/06 SCD/PIS Revision Log042106_Rev Log31 KB 4/21/2006
collapse Year Published : 2005 ‎(2)
041505_Rev Log.pdf04/15/05 SCD/PIS Revision Log041505_Rev Log51 KB 4/15/2005
012105_Rev Log.pdf01/21/05 SCD Revision Log012105_Rev Log33 KB 1/21/2005