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Roadway SCDs - Revision Log

​Standard Construction Drawings

Roadway - Revision Logs

Date Of Revision

Revision Subject

July 21, 2023
  • BP-7.1  Added Algebraic Grade Difference Detail and revised "Alignment" note
  • RM-4.4  Revised drawing to show wider barrier to match light pole foundations
  • RM-4.7  New drawing for Thrie-Beam Transition for Portable Concrete Barrier
  • ​RM-5.2  Revised the offset from edge of pavement to be 2'-0" Preferred, 1'-0" Minimum
January 20, 2023
  • BP-7.1  Added note to provide 24” wide level strip when difference between ramp and street exceeds 11%, added slope arrows on Type B1 and Type B2 details, and removed slope arrows on Detectable Warning Alignment detail 
  • MGS-2.3  Added note to include 37.5’ of Type E that may count towards 62.5’ requirement
  • RM-1.1  Class QC Misc. or QC1 to be used instead of Class C, Monument Type changed to “C or D” instead of just “C”, and the Round Monument was renamed to Monument Type D
  • RM-5.2  Added a Mid Span Post with accompanying details

​July 20, 2018 ​

  • ​BP-5.1 Removed dimension lines on Type 2-A and Type 4-A curb details
  • BP-7.1 Changed note to read the running slope of the curb ramp shall be a 12:1 maximum or flatter.
  • F-2.1 Corrected line post dimension to 5" min. dia.

​January 19, 2018​

  • ​MGS-1.1 Changed allowable slope in front of barrier to 10:1 max.
  • MGS-2.1 Added note allowing reduced post spacing on non-NHS routes only
  • MGS-3.1 Allowed the use of a short panel to connect to existing walls/parapets
  • MGS-6.1 Changed allowable slope in front of barrier to 10:1 max
  • MGS-6.2 Changed allowable slope in front of barrier to 10:1 max

​July 21, 2017​

  • ​BP-9.1 Added note 5 to allow for a 12' gap.
  • MGS-1.1 Added note to specify steel used in foundation tube
  • MGS-3.1 Update reference standard drawings
  • RM-4.1 Added 50" portable barrier in 10' sections.
  • RM-4.4 Clarified note.  The area between barrier faces shall be completely filled with concrete.
  • RM-4.5 Corrected dimensions shown on bending diagram.

January 20, 2017​

  • ​MGS-4.1 Removed rectangular washer

July 15, 2016​

  • ​MGS-5.2, MGS-5.3, MGS-6.2  Revised grading adjacent to guardrail end terminals.
  • Signatures in the title block of all standard drawings have been removed.

January 15, 2016​

  • ​MGS-2.4, Midwest Guardrail System Socketed Weak Post Attached to Headwall – Added note to clarify size of bolt used to attach to structure.

July 18, 2014​

  • ​BP-7.1, New Curb Ramps - a new perpendicular layout was added, clarifications made to the detectable warning alignment, as well as other language clarification
  • F-3.2, Walk Gates - formatting only
  • MGS-2.3, Midwest Guardrail System with Long Span Guardrail -The way the dimensions and pay limits were shown have been modified for clarification (no actual changes were made to the design of the system).
  • MGS-2.4, Midwest Guardrail System Socketed Weak Post Attached to Headwall - There was a typo on the bolt hole dimension of the S3x5.7 post which has been corrected.
  • MGS-3.1, Midwest Guardrail System Bridge Terminal Assembly Type 1 - language added to allow the system to utilize existing bolt holes on existing walls & parapets
  • RM-1.1, Roadway Monuments - Monument Cap and Rod dimensions were updated
  • RM-4.3, Single Slope Barrier Types B, C, B1 & C1 - Light Pole Foundation length quantity updated
  • RM-4.4, Single Slope Barrier Transitions - note updated to match Construction & Material Specifications
  • RM-4.5, Single Slope Barrier Type D - formatting only
  • RM-5.1, Steel Bollards - formatting only
  • RM-6.1, Concrete Parking Block Detail formatting and updated the Material Reference to 499 to match Construction & Material Specifications
  • RM-7.1 Drilled Water Well Abandoned - formatting only.

April 18, 2014​

  • ​RM-4.2, 32" Portable Concrete Barrier - the hook plate connection was added to PCB

January 17, 2014​

  • ​RM-5.2, Bikeway Railing - The Offset dimension was updated to reflect bikeway language that was added to the Location & Design Manual Volume 1

July 19, 2013​

Formatting/CADD Standards only (no content changes):             

  • BP-4.1
  • BP-5.1
  • BP-9.1
  • F-1.1
  • F-2.1
  • F-3.1
  • F-3.3
  • F-3.4
  • RM-2.1
  • RM-4.1

Content Changes:

  • MGS-1.1 detail for measuring height was added
  • MGS-2.1 bolt hole drawn in and noted to show that the rail is actually meant to be attached to the posts or quarter post spacing.
  • MGS-2.3 CRT Post dimension changed from 15.75” to 16”
  • MGS-2.4 Headwall revised.  Socket connection limited to just one of the previous types
  • MGS-3.1 Dimension of first post from concrete wall revised to be to the center of the post.  Note added for extending curb.
  • MGS-4.1 “MGS” added to Pay item call-outs, drawing clarified to show that the rail can be just one 25’ long piece for the turn-down
  • MGS-4.2 “MGS” added to Pay item call-outs
  • MGS-5.2 “MGS” added to Pay item call-outs and end treatment note
  • MGS-5.3 “MGS” added to Pay item call-outs and end treatment note
  • MGS-6.1 Design A & B moved to page 1, 25’ tangential section of rail shown adjacent to the BTA prior to flaring guardrail, and a flare arc detail was added to page 2
  • RM-3.1 Note added about shoulder width (no longer just 1’-0”)
  • RM-4.6 updated to reflect connections with MGS, couple of typos fixed.

April 2013​

No revisions​

January 18, 2013​

  • RM 1.1 was updated to reflect new Item numbers for the 2013 Construction Materials Specifications
  • RM 4.3 was tweaked to reflect the proper Item numbers and language corresponding to the 2013 Construction Materials Specifications
  • RM 4.4 was tweaked to reflect the proper Item numbers and language corresponding to the 2013 Construction Materials Specifications, and one of the joints was changed to an expansion joint
  • We have a new guardrail system “Midwest Guardrail System” and a new set of MGS guardrail drawings
  • The GR Series of drawings for Type 5 guardrail are being retired, but are still available as Plan Insert Sheets

October 19, 2012​

No revisions.​

July 20, 2012​

  • GR-1.1 – Installation height to the top of guardrail now 29” +/-1” for new installations, +/-2.5” for resurfacings

The following guardrail drawings have been updated to refer to GR-1.1 for the installation height of the Type 5 guardrail, no other design modifications were made to the drawings.

  • GR-2.1
  • GR-2.2
  • GR-2.3
  • GR-2.4
  • GR-3.1
  • GR-3.2
  • GR-3.3
  • GR-3.4
  • GR-3.5
  • GR-3.6
  • GR-4.1
  • GR-4.2

Please note:

  • This change was necessary as research showed that the lower 27-inch W-beam guardrail height does not meet NCHRP Report 350 crash testing criteria.
  • Parts and minimum embedment depth will remain the same for 29” height installations.
  • Design heights for Bridge Terminal Assemblies (BTAs) and proprietary end treatments have not changed.  They are crashworthy as designed. The contractor may connect to these existing designs and transition to the 29” over a length of 25 ft.
  • The generic Type A and Type T guardrail anchors should be set to a top height of 29”
  • When new installations are connecting to existing installations, the Contractor may transition to the 29” rail height over a length of 25 feet.
  • For guardrail repair sections less than 200 feet, replace in kind. Otherwise the guardrail should be installed at the 29” height and can transition back to the existing height over a length of 25’.

April 20, 2012​

  • BP 3.1 - Text in Red modified for clarification

January 20, 2012​

  • BP 3.1 - Text in Red is for Pay Item clarification
  • GR-4.2 The washers were added in the anchor bracket assembly on page 1, and the wording of the W-Beam End section was changed from "Flared" to "Rounded" in the driveway opening detail on Page 2.
  • GR-4.5 was updated to show that it can be used with 4:1 foreslopes
  • GR-6.3 is a new drawing.  It is a crashworthy Thrie Beam Bullnose for pier protection which we expect will be useful in locations where previously outdated non-crashworthy systems (Type A sloped-down guardrail ends, W-Beam Bullnoses) need to be replaced, particularly where existing drainage structures limit the footprint.​

October 21, 2011​

  • RM 4.3 - revised the Pay Items in the "NOTES" section to match Construction Materials Specifications, revised some typos
  • GR 3.3 - redesigned to be allowed for use on NHS projects in conjunction with the Office of Structural Engineering's SCD TBR-1-11​

July 15, 2011

  • RM 1.1 - Under the CAP DESIGN Section on page 1 of 2, the Project Control Monuments and Traverse Points were removed.  In the APPLICATION table on Page 1 of 2, the Project Control Monument and Traverse Points were removed.  Under NOTES on page 1 of 2, all references to the Project Control Monument and Traverse Points were removed.

January 21, 2011​

  • BP 6.1 - Entire drawing revised to show proper joint placement
  • GR 4.1 - Removed language to comply with L&D Section 603.3.4 that no longer allows Type A's to be installed on the NHS system.
  • RM 1.1 - A revision to Cap Design number 2 & 4.  Removed the letters R/W after ODOT or LPA along the top of the cap.  Changed the Steel Rod for Monument Type B to 3/4".
  • RM 5.2 - Revised bike railing height to comply with the AASHTO Bike Guide​

October 15, 2010

  • BP 7.1 - Entire drawing revised including pay items
  • LA 1.1 - "Tree root protection in fill" and "Riprap for tree protection in cut" details revised
  • RM 1.1 - The following monument caps have been added or revised: caps for resetting monuments disturbed during construction, caps for project control, and caps for traverse points.  Also, a table is now provided to identify the Application of each Monument Type that corresponds with the different Cap Designs. Various other minor changes have been made.
  • RM 3.1 - Width of concrete median increased
  • RM 4.2 - Section A-A for WWF "2.5" rad." changed to "2.5" dia."

April 16, 2010

  • BP 7.1 --New curb ramp design added, brick pavers removed as an accepted detectable warning, truncated dome dimensions changed
  • BP 7.2 --Drawing to be removed along with surface applied detectable warning products
  • GR 3.5, GR 5.1, GR 5.2, GR 5.3, GR 6.1, GR 6.2 --All references to "-98" have been removed
  • F 1.1, F 3.1, F 3.2 --The top rail option has been removed
  • RM 4.6 --The addition of Legend Item #2 bolt holes on page 3

January 16, 2009

  • LA-1.2:  Minor changes to text.

July 18, 2008

  • F-3.2: Allowable Gate Width is now up to 8 feet for mower access.
  • RM-1.1: Drawing has been modified to indicate that the contractor is responsible for setting Item 604 Monument Assemblies as well as the iron pin and Item 604 Reference Monuments as outlined in the 2008 CMS 107.10.
  • LA-1.2: New planting and bracing techniques detailed.

October 19, 2007

  • BP-3.1: Surface Course Joint, shown on the Lapping Longitudinal Joints detail, was offset from the centerline to assist in placing Raised Pavement Markings.
  • RM-4.2:  Removed the top end projection from both ends of the barrier to facilitate in fabrication, transportation and installation.  A study of CADD models shows the projections are not needed for crashworthiness.

January 19, 2007

  • BP-7.1 & BP-7.2:  Revised standards for new curb ramps, and a new sheet for retrofitting exiting curb ramps with truncated domes.
  • GR-3.1: Separated out problematic curb into its own pay Item.  BTW: This office is working with FHWA to develop some sort of simple curb retrofit for this BTA.
  • GR-3.2: Minor change to allow alternate blockout on this BTA
  • GR-4.2: A standard post and blockout may be used at Post #2, on either configuration.
  • RM-4.3, RM-4.4 & RM-4.5: Contractor requested change to eliminate Single Slope Types A and A1, to minimize the use of expansion joint causing the construction of End Anchors, and to simplify the design of End Anchors.

October 20, 2006

  • RM-4.1: New 50 inch PCB drawing released, based on FHWA acceptance of crash tested barrier.
  • RM-4.2: A new casting option utilizing welded wire fabric is now available for the 32 inch PCB.

July 21, 2006

  • GR-4.2: On Type T anchor assembly, added option for contractor to install with longer foundation tube in lieu of a shorter tube and soil plate.

April 21, 2006

  • RM-1.1: Monument titles changed to match release of R/W Plan Manual update (Section 3106.2).

January 20, 2006

  • GR-2.2: Modified Tubular Backup system is now accepted to NCHRP Report 350 TL-3
  • GR-3.4 This transition, in conjunction with it's associated GR-2.2, is now acceptable for the NHS.
  • RM-1.1 Clarified Note with regards to ODOT's procedure for setting monuments.

July 15, 2005

  • BP-2.6: New Drawing for Dowel Bar Retrofit
  • RM-7.1 & 7.2 Revised drawings to coincide with elimination of Plan Notes

April 15, 2005

  • BP-9.1: Deleted Type 1 and Type 3 Rumble Strips
  • GR-4.2: Removed requirement for high strength bolts
  • RM-7.1 & 7.2 New drawings to eventually replace Plan Notes
  • Drawings to be available on-line.

July 16, 2004

  • BP-Series Pavement Drawings, selected changes reflecting revised specification changes
  • BP-4.1: Mailbox Turnout detail F-Series, reworked Chain Link Fence drawings
  • GR-1.1: Minor change - splice bolt length

January 16, 2004

  • GR-2.1: Blockout Note
  • GR-3.6: Pay Length, Added Bearing Plates 
  • GR-5.2: Distances Note
  • GR-5.3: Offset Design Note
  • RM-6.1: Plan View dimensions

October 22, 2003

  • BP-9.1: Removal of Type 1 Rumble Strips
  • GR-4.2: Introduction of totally new Type T Anchor 
  • RM-6.1: A new Concrete Parking Block Standard

August 27, 2003

  • GR-3.6 the TST Bridge Terminal Assembly has been reworked to have valid post sizes and spacings​.

April 18, 2003

  • Distribution of dual unit Guardrail and roadway Miscellaneous (GR and RM series).
  • GR drawings include changes to NCHRP Report 350 guardrail systems such as Long Span and Bridge Terminal Assemblies.
  • RM drawings are changed to show new concrete barrier standard, the Single Slope design. .

January 18, 2002

  • Drainage Design Features (CB, DM, HW, I and MH series) are transferred to Structural Engineering's Hydraulics Section. Online link is to Hydraulics.
  • For now the existing paper copies will stay in the "plum" colored Drawing book and remain unchanged.
  • The 7-20-01 date has been retained.
  • RM-4.2 released as a new drawing.

July 20, 2001

  • New or revised drawings (in dual units) for the entire Drainage Design Features set:
  • CB Series
  • DM Series
  • HW Series
  • I Series
  • MH Series

July 28, 2000

  • New or revised drawings (in dual units) for these full drawing series:
  • BP Series, including Curb Ramps
  • F Series
  • LA Series

April 29, 1999

  • Rescinded English SCD drawings.
  • New or revised drawings (in dual units) for:
  • Pressure Relief Joint, Type A
  • Shoulder Rumble Strips
  • Temporary Erosion Control
  • Guardrail, Type 8, Buried in Backslope
  • Roadway Monuments