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​​​​Standard Construction Drawings


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collapse Series : Base Pavement (BP) ‎(24)
collapse Title : BP-1.1 - Concrete Pavement Reinforcing ‎(2)
BP-1.1_2000-07-28.dgnBP-1.1 - Concrete Pavement Reinforcing
.DGN7/28/2000CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-1.1_2000-07-28.pdfBP-1.1 - Concrete Pavement Reinforcing
.PDF7/28/2000CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.1 Longitudinal Pavement Joints ‎(2)
BP-2.1_2022-01-21.dgnBP-2.1 Longitudinal Pavement Joints
.DGN1/21/2022CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.1_2022-01-21.pdfBP-2.1 Longitudinal Pavement Joints
.PDF1/21/2022CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.2 - Transverse Pavement Joints ‎(2)
BP-2.2_2021-01-15.dgnBP-2.2 - Transverse Pavement Joints
.DGN1/15/2021CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.2_2021-01-15.pdfBP-2.2 - Transverse Pavement Joints
.PDF1/15/2021CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.3 - Pressure Relief Joint, Type A ‎(2)
BP-2.3_2014-07-18.dgnBP-2.3 - Pressure Relief Joint, Type A
.DGN7/18/2014CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.3_2014-07-18.pdfBP-2.3 - Pressure Relief Joint, Type A
.PDF7/18/2014CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.4 - Pressure Relief Joint, Types B, C, & D ‎(2)
BP-2.4_2013-07-19.dgnBP-2.4 - Pressure Relief Joint, Types B, C, & D
.DGN7/19/2013CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.4_2013-07-19.pdfBP-2.4 - Pressure Relief Joint, Types B, C, & D
.PDF7/19/2013CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.5 Rigid Replacement ‎(2)
BP-2.5_2022_01-21.dgnBP-2.5 Rigid Replacement
.DGN1/21/2022CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.5_2022-01-21.pdfBP-2.5 Rigid Replacement
.PDF1/21/2022CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-2.6 - Load Transfer Retrofit ‎(2)
BP-2.6_2016-07-15.dgnBP-2.6 - Load Transfer Retrofit
.DGN7/15/2016CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-2.6_2016-07-15.pdfBP-2.6 - Load Transfer Retrofit
.PDF7/15/2016CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-3.1 - Asphalt Paving ‎(2)
BP-3.1_2024-01-19.dgnBP-3.1 - Asphalt Paving
.DGN1/19/2024CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-3.1_2024-01-19.pdfBP-3.1 - Asphalt Paving
.PDF1/19/2024CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-3.2 - Asphalt Safety Edge ‎(2)
BP-3.2_2019-01-18.dgnBP-3.2 - Asphalt Safety Edge
.DGN1/18/2019CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-3.2_2019-01-18.pdfBP-3.2 - Asphalt Safety Edge
.PDF1/18/2019CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-6.1 - Pavement Joints at Ramp Terminals ‎(2)
BP-6.1_2013-07-19.dgnBP-6.1 - Pavement Joints at Ramp Terminals
.DGN7/19/2013CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-6.1_2013-07-19.pdfBP-6.1 - Pavement Joints at Ramp Terminals
.PDF7/19/2013CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-8.1 - Retrofit Concrete Shoulders ‎(2)
BP-8.1_2008-07-18.dgnBP-8.1 - Retrofit Concrete Shoulders
.DGN7/18/2008CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-8.1_2008-07-18.pdfBP-8.1 - Retrofit Concrete Shoulders
.PDF7/18/2008CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
collapse Title : BP-8.2 - Concrete Safety Edge ‎(2)
BP-8.2_2019-01-18.dgnBP-8.2 - Concrete Safety Edge
.DGN1/18/2019CurrentBase Pavement (BP)
BP-8.2_2019-01-18.pdfBP-8.2 - Concrete Safety Edge
.PDF1/18/2019CurrentBase Pavement (BP)

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