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Revision Sets
Standard detail drawings related to the design and use of traffic control devices used in ODOT plans.

Standard Construction Drawings - Traffic
Revision Sets

A Revision Set includes:

  1. a Revision Log that describes, in list form, the changes made to Traffic Standard Construction Drawings (SCDs) and/or Plan Insert Sheets (PISs);
  2. an updated drawing Index and
  3. the new and/or revised SCDs, and/or PIS drawings, issued with that revision.

Revision Logs that included changes to both Standard Construction Drawings (SCDs) and Plan Insert Sheets (PISs), or only SCDs, are listed below. Revision Logs that included changes to only PISs can be found on the PIS website​.​
collapse Year Published : 2021 ‎(1)
011521_Rev Set.pdf01/15/21 SCD Revision Set011521_Rev Set11215 KB 1/15/2021
collapse Year Published : 2020 ‎(3)
071720_Rev Set.pdf07/17/20 SCD Revision Set071720_Rev Set8721 KB 7/17/2020
041720_Rev Set.pdf04/17/20 SCD Revision Set041720_Rev Set14571 KB 4/17/2020
011720_Rev Set.pdf01/17/20 SCD/PIS Revision Set011720_Rev Set12649 KB 1/17/2020
collapse Year Published : 2019 ‎(4)
101819_Rev Set.pdf10/18/19 SCD Revision Set101819_Rev Set323 KB 10/18/2019
071919_Rev Set.pdf07/19/19 SCD Revision Set071919_Rev Set6514 KB 7/19/2019
041919_Rev Set.pdf04/19/19 SCD Revsion Set041919_Rev Set4720 KB 4/19/2019
011819_Rev Set.pdf01/18/19 SCD Revision Set011819_Rev Set5179 KB 1/18/2019
collapse Year Published : 2018 ‎(2)
072018_Rev Set.pdf07/20/18 SCD Revision Set072018_Rev Set7636 KB 7/20/2018
011918_Rev Set.pdf01/19/18 SCD/PIS Revision Set011918_Rev Set8216 KB 1/19/2018
collapse Year Published : 2017 ‎(3)
072117_Rev Set.pdf07/21/17 SCD Revision Set072117_Rev Set9116 KB 7/21/2017
042117_Rev Set.pdf04/21/17 SCD Revision Set042117_Rev Set613 KB 4/21/2017
012017_Rev Set.pdf01/20/17 SCD/PIS Revision Set012017_Rev Set11963 KB 1/20/2017
collapse Year Published : 2016 ‎(2)
071516_Rev Set.pdf07/15/16 SCD/PIS Revision Set071516_Rev Set7538 KB 7/15/2016
011516_Rev Set.pdf01/15/16 SCD/PIS Revision Set011516_Rev Set8171 KB 1/15/2016
collapse Year Published : 2015 ‎(3)
101615_Rev Set.pdf10/16/15 SCD Revision Set101615_Rev Set1059 KB 10/16/2015
071715_Rev Set.pdf07/17/15 SCD/PIS Revision Set071715_Rev Set5277 KB 7/17/2015
011615_Rev Set.pdf01/16/15 SCD/PIS Revision Set011615_Rev Set6342 KB 1/16/2015
collapse Year Published : 2014 ‎(2)
071814_Rev Set.pdf07/18/14 SCD/PIS Revision Set071814_Rev Set17416 KB 7/18/2014
011714_Rev Set.pdf01/17/14 SCD/PIS Revision Set011714_Rev Set9470 KB 1/17/2014
collapse Year Published : 2013 ‎(3)
101813_Rev Set.pdf10/18/13 SCD/PIS Revision Set101813_Rev Set6248 KB 10/18/2013
071913_ Rev Set.pdf07/19/13 SCD/PIS Revision Set071913_ Rev Set18515 KB
011813_Rev Set.pdf01/18/13 SCD/PIS Revision Set011813_Rev Set3361 KB 1/18/2013
collapse Year Published : 2012 ‎(4)
101912_Rev Set.pdf10/19/12 SCD/PIS Revision Set101912_Rev Set861 KB 10/19/2012
072012_Rev Set.pdf07/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Set072012_Rev Set10495 KB 7/20/2012
042012_Rev Set.pdf04/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Set042012_Rev Set2556 KB 4/20/2012
012012_Rev Set.pdf01/20/12 SCD/PIS Revision Set012012_Rev Set577 KB 1/20/2012
collapse Year Published : 2011 ‎(4)
102111_Rev Set.pdf10/21/11 SCD/PIS Revision Set102111_Rev Set2002 KB 10/21/2011
071511_Rev Set.pdf07/15/11 SCD/PIS Revision Set071511_Rev Set804 KB 7/15/2011
041511_Rev Set.pdf04/15/11 SCD/PIS Revision Set041511_Rev Set927 KB 4/21/2011
012111_Rev Set.pdf01/21/11 SCD/PIS Revision Set012111_Rev Set5782 KB 1/24/2011
collapse Year Published : 2010 ‎(6)
101510_Rev Set.pdf10/15/10 SDC/PIS Revision Set101510_Rev Set5917 KB 10/27/2010
071610_Rev Set.pdf07/16/10 SCD/PIS Revision Set071610_Rev Set1448 KB 7/16/2010
052110_Rev Set.pdf05/21/10 SCD Revision Set052110_Rev Set618 KB 5/21/2010
052010_Rev Set.pdf05/20/10 SCD Revision Set052010_Rev Set627 KB 5/20/2010
041610_Rev Set.pdf04/16/10 SCD/PIS Revision Set041610_Rev Set984 KB 4/16/2010
011510_Rev Set.pdf01/15/10 SCD/PIS Revision Set011510_Rev Set1799 KB 1/15/2010
collapse Year Published : 2009 ‎(5)
101609_Rev Set.pdf10/16/09 SCD Revision Set101609_Rev Set2046 KB 10/16/2009
071709_Rev Set.pdf07/17/09 SCD/PIS Revision Set071709_Rev Set9058 KB 7/17/2009
063009_Rev Set.pdf04/17/09 SCD/PIS Revision Set, Corrected 06/30/09063009_Rev Set11441 KB 6/30/2009
030609_Rev Set.pdf03/06/09 SCD Revision Set030609_Rev Set785 KB 3/6/2009
011609_Rev Set.pdf01/16/09 SCD/PIS Revision Set011609_Rev Set7517 KB 1/26/2009
collapse Year Published : 2008 ‎(2)
071808_Rev Set.pdf07/18/08 SCD/PIS Revision Set071808_Rev Set982 KB 7/18/2008
011808_Rev Set.pdf01/18/08 SCD/PIS Revision Set011808_Rev Set3236 KB 1/18/2008
collapse Year Published : 2007 ‎(2)
101907_Rev Set.pdf10/19/07 SCD/PIS Revision Set101907_Rev Set4279 KB 10/19/2007
011907_Rev Set.pdf01/19/07 SCD Revision Set011907_Rev Set8420 KB 1/19/2007
collapse Year Published : 2006 ‎(3)
102006_Rev Set.pdf10/20/06 SCD Revision Set102006_Rev Set1651 KB 10/20/2006
090506_Rev Set.pdf09/05/06 SCD/PIS Revision Set090506_Rev Set4895 KB 9/5/2006
042106_Rev Set.pdf04/21/06 SCD/PIS Revision Set042106_Rev Set1445 KB 4/21/2006