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How do I get a username and password?

  • Step 1: Non ODOT employees: Sign up for an Active Directory Account if you do not already have one, through the "MyODOT" Site. Choose a Basic Account. Select the "Structure Management System (SMS)" option. Fill out all of the information and clearly identify whether you will serve as a Control Authority, Program Manager, Team Leader or Team Member in the Title block.
  • Step 2: If you already have a MyODOT account then simply email a request to add SMS to your already active MyODOT account. We will add SMS to your account.
  • Step 3: Wait until an email is sent to you with your username and password
01 - Login
I am a consultant. How do I get bridges into my SMS profile in order to inventory and inspect?

Consultants who are awarded contracts will have to get the control authority for the District, County or Municipality to send an email requesting all, several or a few bridges to give to the consultant. This process will eventually be formalized but until then an email with the approval of the public entity will suffice.

04 - Account Management
Will there be an SMS manual?

Yes, it is being developed by the vendor and it will be embedded within SMS help functions. A version is already available in the smstest site under the 'Help' function and is uploaded to the ODOT SMS website.

03 - Manuals
Will there be an new Inspection Manual?

​Yes, it will be released when SMS goes live. The draft version is already available in the smstest site under the 'Help' function and on the ODOT Bridge Inspection & Maintenance website.

03 - Manuals
Will there be additional training on the SMS?

​Yes, video tutorials are being developed to guide users through common functions of the SMS system. These are viewable from this website or the SMS YouTube channel. Additional training needs will be considered.

06 - Training
What is the URL of SMS Update page?

​SMS Updates are available on SMS Update page

02 - Support and Links
What is the URL of SMS Test Site ?
02 - Support and Links
What is the URL of SMS Production Site?
02 - Support and Links

What is the URL of ODOT FTP Site for downloading Offline Version?

02 - Support and Links

Where are the SMS videos posted on You Tube?

02 - Support and Links
What is the Email address to send suggestions & questions about SMS? or use the form below!

02 - Support and Links
Are on-line and off-line passwords in SMS same?

SMS has two passwords: On-line password and Off-line password. Both passwords are case-sensitive, and different. It is a good practice to keep them different and not to mix them up. Your On-line password is through ODOT active directory and it may expire according to the rules set in the active directory. Your Off-line password is in the SMS application and it does not expire.

01 - Login
How to reset my off-line password?

​You can set your offline password by going to SMS on-line and selecting My Account on Main Menu.

01 - Login
If I have forgotten my on-line password, how can I reset it?

For ODOT users, the SMS online password is the same as your windows network password.
For non-ODOT users, got to My ODOT page to reset your SMS on-line password.

01 - Login
How do I put my P.E. into a report

Add your P.E. number before you do your first review.  This is currently the only way to place your P.E. number on the inspection report.


STEP 1: Log into SMS and go to MAIN > My Account

STEP 2: Under Certificates select “Add New”
STEP 3: Fill in the text boxes from top to bottom ensuring your P.E. number is entered correctly in the “License Number”.  Upload the P.E. certificate if you choose.

STEP 4: Start Reviewing. Easiest place to review is from Collector>Report Filter site.  You can set this as your default page when you login under Main>My Preferences and edit the last row to ‘Report Filter’. 

Relevant video (same as above):

04 - Account Management
What is a good methodology for inspection online when doing a whole route?

• Create Report and make your updates and don’t submit for review quite yet
• Select the Triangle Icon in the top right hand corner
• It takes you to all of the bridges on the route
• Select the wrench to ‘Submit Report for Review’ or just submit whenever you want (these can most-easily be accessed by Collector>Report filter and pull up your ‘In Progress’ reports, you can customize your own filters)
• Select the next bridge on the route and repeat

05 - Inspection

I am doing an element level inspection, how do the quantities relate?

​In order to update quantities I ‘create’ a report and begin with approach items and do the following:

  1. First go into the Inventory Shortcuts, look for the white boxes and update them to what they quantities should be (will be in future, for example for Embankment I make ‘4’ because we will update only the text to say Embankment ‘count’).
  2. Second I hit F5 or ‘refresh’ to see my updates.
  3. Third I go into the ‘Total Quantity’ box and refine the value. If it is a quantity that I need removed I highlight the quantity and either ‘delete’, ‘backspace’ or type ‘0’.
  4. Fourth I refresh again to verify my changes.
This is how CS and Total Quantities relate:
  • Total Quantity = Equations from the Inventory Shortcuts OR What you type directly into this field (when you type in the field it forever removes the equation)
  • CS1 = Total Quantity – (CS2 + CS3 + CS4)
  • CS2 = whatever you type into the box
  • CS3 = see CS2
  • CS4 = see CS2
  • Transition Rating = Read Only, Weighted Average Equations behind the scenes and only intended to help the inspector not hinder.
05 - Inspection
What is an Abutment Cap?

​The abutment in the picture below has a concrete abutment cap (LF), 12 total steel abutment bents (EA) and timber lagging for the abutment wall (LF)

05 - Inspection
How do I create an SFN?

email with the appropriate information (Owner, County, Route, SLM, Special Designation)

02 - Support and Links
How do I change the status from Proposed to Active or Active to Retired?

​email  For those proposed bridges you are able to begin filling out inventory information.  Find the detail page of the bridge and select "Edit Asset Values".

02 - Support and Links
Why is SMS so slow?

Email for times and dates you experienced slowdowns.  OSE is organizing these to find the root cause.  Sometimes it has been due to server maintenance on the ODOT system and sometimes it has been due to the code.

02 - Support and Links
The Pier Seats and Pier items in the old BR-86 were always coded whenever there was a Pier.  Because of Element Level requirements we had to refine the Seats and Piers definitions.  How do these correlate between the two systems?

The Answer depends on the Pier Type.  Follow thelink on the Inspection and Maintenance page for a diagram


05 - Inspection
What are the Display Triggers and Total Quantity Equations?

​Select this link to see all of the display, total quantity and needs spreadsheet.

05 - Inspection
Where else can I verify that my Review information is saved after I approve a final report?

Until we get that data onto the Field Report you can verify that the Inspection Date and Review Date with P.E. is getting into the database.  When you go to the detail page for the bridge and select Asset Info (first screen shot below)>Select the Wrench>Form View>Navigate to the Review Form



Or open up the Cover of the Long Report (second screen shot below) and the inspection date and review date is on the cover sheet. ​ 

05 - Inspection
Normally, we probe our bridges every year. So on the review form, is the probe inspection supposed to be coded as yes and 12 months?

The Probe Inspection trigger, Interval and date are management tools to determine what bridges need to go onto a dive list.  OSE recommends probing every year on all substructure units in water and setting the NTE threshold at 18, 24, 36 or 60 month interval depending on scour susceptibility and vulnerability.  If  probe dates go beyond the 60 months, as a manager, you should put that bridge on the underwater dive list for a 60 month maximum interval.  Conversely if you have bridges on the dive list but you can probe everywhere within a 60 month interval (with boat, snooper or even low flow) you can take it off the dive list.

05 - Inspection
Is the Review Date now automatic when I select "Approve Final Report"

​The Review date is now automatic when a user designated as an NBIS Program Manager selects "Approve Final Report".  During the transition ODOT expects that bridges inspected during the 'dark' period will have reports with a review date outside of the 90 days for state and 180 days for local agency in accordance with 23CFR650c.  FHWA will look into a reasonable way to measure metric 23 in light of the SMS transition in 2014.

05 - Inspection