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AllenKyle2004City of WestervilleLevel I
ArwoodKim2005Village of ShreveLevel I
ArwoodKim2008Village of ShreveLevel II
AustinBrenton2014City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
BallingerJane2010City of DublinLevel I
BallingerJane2010City of DublinLevel II
BandyTodd2009Colerain TownshipLevel I
BarbourJaime2004Village of Union CityLevel I
BasigerMark2010Village of Plain CityLevel I
BellackJonathan2015City of WadsworthLevel I
BlankenshipAlvie2004City of LancasterLevel I
BlankenshipAlvie2006City of LancasterLevel II
BonnellBrian2007City of CambridgeLevel I
BorgmanRich2010City of SpringdaleLevel I
BorgmanRich2014City of SpringdaleLevel II
BrayShawn2012Village of Plain CityLevel I
BreechGary2005Madison TownshipLevel I
BreechGary2005Madison TownshipLevel II
BresslerScott2006Butler CountyLevel I
BresslerScott2006Butler CountyLevel II
BretzDon2014City of Grandview HeightsLevel I
BrienBen2006Village of WoodvilleLevel I
BrienBen2008Village of WoodvilleLevel II
BrokusPete2012Village of Plain CityLevel I
BrownSteve2013City of Grandview HeightsLevel I
BrowningGary2010City of DublinLevel I
BrowningGary2010City of DublinLevel II
BrowningGary2012City of DublinLevel III
BurnsWilliam2010Symmes TownshipLevel I
BushShaun2012City of New AlbanyLevel I
CaleJeff2007City of AthensLevel I
CaudillBob2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel I
CaudillBob2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel II
CaudillBob2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel III
CerneJohn2015City of WadsworthLevel I
ClarkJon2008Liberty TownshipLevel I
CokerBrian2015City of FairbornLevel I
ConkeyDave2005Madison TownshipLevel I
ConleyNick2009Darby TownshipLevel I
CopleyDon2006City of CambridgeLevel I
CowanChip2012Deerfield TownshipLevel I
DavisKeith2015City of FairbornLevel I
DeitzTimothy2009City of LancasterLevel I
DeitzTimothy2009City of LancasterLevel II
DeneenGail2011Summit CountyLevel I
DeneenGail2011Summit CountyLevel II
DidionTim2006Perkins TownshipLevel I
DidionTim2008Perkins TownshipLevel II
DunbarMatt2006City of DublinLevel I
EllisonTim2006City of CambridgeLevel I
FerrellDarreck2005Perry TownshipLevel I
FisherDon1998City of DaytonLevel I
FitzsimmonsGreg2008Clark CountyLevel I
FitzsimmonsGreg2008Clark CountyLevel II
FornaroJoe2000City of Mayfield HeightsLevel I
FreemanDan2015City of WadsworthLevel I
GardnerWilliam1998City of Sheffield LakeLevel I
GardnerWilliam2000City of Sheffeild LakeLevel II
GillilandMax2007City of KentLevel I
GillilandMax2008City of KentLevel II
GlanderGordon2014City of Grandview HeightsLevel I
GoinsGlen2006City of AthensLevel I
GoinsGlen2007City of AthensLevel II
GreathouseLaura2007City of CantonLevel I
GreathouseLaura2007City of CantonLevel II
HainesJason2007Colerain TownshipLevel I
HainesJason2008Colerain TownshipLevel II
HalbirtRussell2007City of AthensLevel I
HaleTony2011Clearcreek TownshipLevel I
HaleTony2011Clearcreek TownshipLevel II
HaleTony2014Clearcreek TownshipLevel III
HallMike2006Miami TownshipLevel I
HallBill2014Deerfield TownshipLevel I
HanrahanNate2010Village of Plain CityLevel I
HanrahanNate2011Village of Plain CityLevel II
HarphantWilliam2009Sugarcreek TownshipLevel I
HarphantWilliam2011Sugarcreek TownshipLevel II
HeckelScott2015City of WadsworthLevel I
HeiderDavid2011Symmes TownshipLevel I
HerringMichael2007Liberty TownshipLevel I
HerringMichael2009Liberty TownshipLevel II
HighfillBilly2012Deerfield TownshipLevel I
HighfillBilly2014Deerfield TownshipLevel II
HintzGreg2006City of LancasterLevel I
HintzGreg2006City of LancasterLevel II
HiteJames2013City of PickeringtonLevel I
HolbrookJason2010City of MonroeLevel I
HoustonJim2006Deerfield TownshipLevel I
HoustonJim2006Deerfield TownshipLevel II
HuffRyan2010Village of Plain CityLevel I
HuffRyan2011Village of Plain CityLevel II
HulseKevin2007Harrison TownshipLevel I
HulseKevin2013Harrison TownshipLevel II
HummelJacob2015City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
HusxollMike2007West Chester TownshipLevel I
HuxsollMike2007West Chester TownshipLevel II
JaccaudRandy2008Liberty TownshipLevel I
JamesJoel2007Liberty TownshipLevel I
JamesJoel2009Liberty TownshipLevel II
JonesRyan2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel I
JonesRyan2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel II
JonesRyan2013Clearcreek TownshipLevel III
KeeganLeo2013City of SanduskyLevel I
KishRobert2007City of KentLevel I
KishRobert2007City of KentLevel II
KnufCharles2006City of SharonvilleLevel I
KnufCharles2006City of SharonvilleLevel II
KrazlDavid2008Clinton CountyLevel I
KrazlDavid2009Clinton CountyLevel II
KrugerWalter2000City of Broadview HeightsLevel I
KunsBrian2007Perkins TownshipLevel I
KunsBrian2011Perkins TownshipLevel II
LairdDavid2015City of CentervilleLevel I
LanningTom2006City of CambridgeLevel I
LanningTom2007City of CambridgeLevel II
LaveySean2006City of LancasterLevel I
LaveySean2008City of LancasterLevel II
LawlessAllen2011City of MonroeLevel I
LehmanCorey2010Perry TownshipLevel I
LehmanCorey2012Perry TownshipLevel II
LeibRandy2007Liberty TownshipLevel I
LeibRandy2009Liberty TownshipLevel II
LlewellynDan2005Village of Kirtland HillsLevel I
LlewellynDan2005Village of Kirtland HillsLevel II
LoflandScott2005City of SharonvilleLevel I
LoflandScott2005City of SharonvilleLevel II
Lucas Jr.Ron2007City of AthensLevel I
Lucas Jr.Ron2008City of AthensLevel II
MallettDan2006City of CambridgeLevel I
MastenbrookCharles2012City of New AlbanyLevel I
McDoleArchie2015City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
McKnightSteve2013City of Grandview HeightsLevel I
McNeal Jr.Carl2015City of New AlbanyLevel I
MeadowsChad2005City of SharonvilleLevel I
MeadowsChad2005City of SharonvilleLevel II
MelvilleMichael2007Perkins TownshipLevel I
MelvilleMichael2012Perkins TownshipLevel II
MesserTracey2009Sugarcreek TownshipLevel I
MesserTracey2009Sugarcreek TownshipLevel II
MonroeWilliam2007City of MiamisburgLevel I
MonroeWilliam2007City of MiamisburgLevel II
MooreSteve2009City of BellefontaineLevel I
MooreDennis2011City of MonroeLevel I
MorganMark2007City of DublinLevel I
MorganMark2009City of DublinLevel II
MorrisRoger2012Xenia TownshipLevel I
MorrisRoger2012Xenia TownshipLevel II
MoteDan2009City of MiamisburgLevel I
MurphyTim2005City of PainesvilleLevel I
MurphyDarren2010City of MonroeLevel I
MurphyTim2005City of PainesvilleLevel II
MuscioniTony2011Perkins TownshipLevel I
NeaceEddie2011City of MonroeLevel I
NemitzTroy2009Perkins TownshipLevel I
NemitzTroy2011Perkins TownshipLevel II
NewbyMatthew2009City of HamiltonLevel I
NewbyMatthew2010City of HamiltonLevel II
NewhartKirk2006City of CambridgeLevel I
NicolLarry2006City of DublinLevel I
NungesterChuck2005City of AthensLevel I
O'DonnellMatt2006City of CambridgeLevel I
OliverJon2009City of LancasterLevel I
O'NealPat2006City of WestervilleLevel I
O'NealPat2006City of WestervilleLevel II
PadenDon2006City of CambridgeLevel I
Pate Jr.James2007City of LancasterLevel I
Pate Jr.James2007City of LancasterLevel II
PattonGregory2000ODOT District 8Level I
PerkinsBrian2008City of MonroeLevel I
PerkinsBrian2011City of MonroeLevel II
PitmanBill2007Symmes TownshipLevel I
RankinDavid2009City of MiamisburgLevel I
RankinDavid2009City of MiamisburgLevel II
ReekDustin2010City of MonroeLevel I
ReiterDustin2007Erie CountyLevel I
ReynoldsDenny2015Deerfield TownshipLevel I
RileyMichael2001City of Mayfield HeightsLevel I
RobinsonRon2005Miami TownshipLevel I
RodgersJason2012Leroy TownshipLevel I
RodgersJason2012Leroy TownshipLevel II
RomanowskiMatt2015City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
RomoserAndy2013Washington TownshipLevel I
RoseBrent2013ODOT District 11Level I
RoseBrent2014ODOT District 11Level II
RushBrent2012City of New AlbanyLevel I
SabolSteve2011North Perry VillageLevel I
SampleChris2007City of KentLevel I
SampleChris2007City of KentLevel II
SandersMichael2000City of WestervilleLevel I
SandersMichael2005City of WestervilleLevel II
SatterfieldTom2004Village of Kirtland HillsLevel I
SatterfieldTom2005Village of Kirtland HillsLevel II
SchuchterLawrence2008Symmes TownshipLevel I
SchweitzerKen2001Village of NewcomerstownLevel I
SecoyJim2005City of AthensLevel I
SecoyJim2008City of AthensLevel II
SeiterFranz2012Xenia TownshipLevel I
SeiterFranz2012Xenia TownshipLevel II
SewellLarry2015City of CentervilleLevel I
ShawRonnie2012Xenia TownshipLevel I
ShawRonnie2012Xenia TownshipLevel II
SheridanTim2008City of AthensLevel I
SieselDerek2009Perkins TownshipLevel I
SignorAlex2007City of Forest ParkLevel I
SimpsonWilliam2014City of KentLevel I
SlatteryGreg2007City of New CarlisleLevel I
SlatteryGreg2007City of New CarlisleLevel II
SmithRuss2009Liberty TownshipLevel I
SmithScott2010Clearcreek TownshipLevel I
SmithScott2010Clearcreek TownshipLevel II
SmithScott2011Clearcreek TownshipLevel III
SpainJordan2014City of Grandview HeightsLevel I
StarcherShawn2014City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
StashonskyWilliam2006City of CambridgeLevel I
StedmanMark2007City of AthensLevel I
SteeleFred2007City of AthensLevel I
StidamJim2006City of DublinLevel I
StidamJim2007City of DublinLevel II
StoutMatthew2005Swancreek TownshipLevel I
SuberDavid2014City of BeavercreekLevel I
TackettMarty2014City of CentervilleLevel I
TackettMarty2014City of CentervilleLevel II
TaraschkeAlan2004City of MaumeeLevel I
TaraschkeAlan2005City of MaumeeLevel II
TheakerDave2005City of MaumeeLevel I
TheakerDave2005City of MaumeeLevel II
ThomasShannon2015City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
ThorneGale2006Village of LithopolisLevel I
Van Pelt, Jr.Rich2012Leroy TownshipLevel I
Van Pelt, Jr.Rich2012Leroy TownshipLevel II
WallaceBill2013Deerfield TownshipLevel I
WarrenRon2006City of DublinLevel I
WarrenRon2007City of DublinLevel II
WattsDavid2013City of CentervilleLevel I
WattsDavid2014City of CentervilleLevel II
WaxmanJason2006City of SpringdaleLevel I
WaxmanJason2009City of SpringdaleLevel II
WebbJeff2009Montgomery CountyLevel I
WebbJeff2009Montgomery CountyLevel II
WebsterRich2014City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
WellsteadSteven2013City of LancasterLevel I
WellsteadSteven2013City of LancasterLevel II
WestDennis2010Clearcreek TownshipLevel I
WestDennis2010Clearcreek TownshipLevel II
WestDennis2012Clearcreek TownshipLevel III
WhaleyRoger2006City of CambridgeLevel I
WilliamsBob2007Liberty TownshipLevel I
WilliamsDavid2010City of MonroeLevel I
WilsonDennis1999Columbiana TownshipLevel I
WilsonDennis2000Columbiana TownshipLevel II
WindauGary2007Perkins TownshipLevel I
WindhamKevin2014Berlin TownshipLevel I
WisemanFrank2007City of WestervilleLevel I
WoodsSteve2007City of AthensLevel I
WrightRon2007City of New CarlisleLevel I
WrightRon2007City of New CarlisleLevel II
YagerJeff2002Lorain County Highway DeptLevel I
YeltonScott2010City of SpringdaleLevel I
YeltonScott2014City of SpringdaleLevel II
YoungRhett2014City of Canal WinchesterLevel I
ZellerNora2006City of FairbornLevel I
ZellerNora2007City of FairbornLevel II
ZieglerErich2008Butler CountyLevel I
ZieglerErich2008Butler CountyLevel II
ZimmermanDavid2007Ross TownshipLevel I
ZimmermanDavid2007Ross TownshipLevel II