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Bid Pamphlet

Bid Letting Pamphlet

State of Ohio Department of Transportation 


The electronic pamphlet information available in the report below is issued solely for the purpose of circulating advance information pertaining to proposed Highway improvements and the Department does not guarantee the correctness of any information presented herein.

District Information
Central Office Office of Contracts, 1980 W. Broad Street, Mail Stop 4110, Columbus, Ohio 43223
 Phone: 800-459-3778 or 614-466-3778 Fax Number: 614-728-2078

 Instructions and Tips

Selecting a Letting Date is required.  For a complete listing of all letting information from a date, leave "Null" for both Select ProjNbr  and Select Item Nbr and click "View Report". Refine your search if you are seeking just a specific Project Number and/or Item Number.

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Archived Bid Letting Pamphlets (historical PDFs)