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Design Build Scope - Consultant Information

It is required that the bidder be an ODOT pre-qualified Contractor who has engaged the services of an ODOT pre-qualified Design Consultant Team to perform all the design and construction work required in these Conceptual Documents.  If the Design Consultant and/or the Design Sub-Consultant(s) submitted do not meet all the required qualifications, the Office of Contracts may reject the contractors bid.

Contractor's Consultant
The Contractor must name the Design Consultant and all Design Sub-Consultant(s) in the space provided below.  The Contractor must list relevant prequalification categories for prime and sub-consultants to show that the prequalification requirements listed in the scope below are satisfied.  All Consultant names and addresses must be the same as that on file with the Department.  The work types must be performed by members of the Design Consultant Team (combination of Consultant and Sub-Consultant(s)).

 Design Build Consultant Information

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