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​​​SiteXchange (Electronic Replacement for C-92 Hard Copy Forms)

SiteXchange is a program to enable contractors to enter subcontractor information electronically once a contract is awarded.  SiteXchange was created by the developers of Expedite and uses the same framework which gives a similar look and feel to Expedite.  Expedite has been utilized since 1995 for bidding at ODOT and has proved benefical to both the contracting industry and ODOT by streamlining the bidding process as well as elimination of "manual processing" errors.  Similar results are expected with full implementation of SiteXchange.

Beginning with the July 15, 2010 letting, the Department began accepting Requests to Sublet (C92) forms electronically via SiteXchange.  The basic workflow of the SiteXchange process is 1) contract award, 2) create SiteXchange files, 3) notify and distribute SiteXchange files to awarded contractor, 4) contractor submits to ODOT for approval, 5) ODOT will return approved file to contractor.  Specific processing, installation and usage instructions can be found in the manual located at the link below.

ODOT Electronic C92 Process.doc
4/25/2012 10:54 AMDaniel Stacy
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7/26/2011 9:30 AMTina Collins

 SiteXchange Installation File

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