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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Standard Construction Drawings

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The Standard Construction Drawings on this page do not reflect current ODOT specifications. For current drawings, please visit:
Standard Construction Drawings - Structural

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TB001.TIFTB001LTB-34Light Load Timber BridgeOrig.8/16/1934
TB002.TIFTB002LTB-351 of 1Light Load Timber Bridge with Steel BeamRev.3/1/1940
TB003.TIFTB003TTB-35Temporary Timber BridgeOrig.9/6/1935
TB004.TIFTB004WSB-311 of 1Creosoted Timber Superstructure on Steel StingersOrig.10/13/1931
TB005.TIFTB005WSB-331 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.6/17/1933
TB006.TIFTB006WSB-33Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.11/17/1933
TB007.TIFTB007WSB-351 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.3/1/1940
TB008.TIFTB008WSB-41Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.4/3/1941
TB009.TIFTB009WSB-411 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.10/3/1941
TB010.TIFTB010WSB-601 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.6/20/1960
TB011.TIFTB011WSB-601 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.10/27/1960
TB012.TIFTB012WSB-601 of 1Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.11/8/1965
TB013.TIFTB013WSB-1-621 of 2Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.5/1/1962
TB014.TIFTB014WSB-1-622 of 2Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsOrig.5/1/1962
TB015.TIFTB015WSB-1-621 of 2Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.11/8/1965
TB016.TIFTB016WSB-1-622 of 2Timber Superstructure Steel BeamsRev.11/8/1965