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Structural - Archive

Standard Construction Drawings

Structural - Archive

The Standard Construction Drawings on this page do not reflect current ODOT specifications. For current drawings, please visit:
Standard Construction Drawings - Structural

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Folder: Abutments
Folder: Approach Slabs
Folder: Bearings
Folder: Concrete Arch Through
Folder: Concrete Beam Bridges
Folder: Concrete Beams prestressed
Folder: Concrete Girder Bridges
Folder: Concrete Slab Bridges
Folder: Culverts
Folder: District No 7
Folder: Miscellaneous
Folder: NBS109
Folder: New folder
Folder: ODNR
Folder: Piers
Folder: Plan Insert Sheet
Folder: Portable Concrete Barrier Details
Folder: Railing
Folder: Retaining Walls
Folder: Sign Support
Folder: Steel Beam Bridges
Folder: Steel Girder Bridges
Folder: Steel Truss Bridges
Folder: Superstructure Detail Beam Splices
Folder: Tentative Standard Miscellaneous
Folder: Timber Bridges
Folder: Vandal Protection Fence