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 Payroll XML Resources

This site contains resources for those contractors with existing payroll systems to aid creation of an extract of payroll data for upload into CRL.  https://xml.cloverleaf.net
For Contractors
Contractors and other firms that need to deliver valid Payroll XML files to agencies that use AASHTOWare Project software will be best served by using a payroll or project management system that already supports producing valid Payroll XML files. Alternatively, they can use the spreadsheet and online conversion utility in the AASHTOWare Project Payroll Spreadsheet Conversion Utility section of this site to manually enter their data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and convert it from there into valid Payroll XML.
For Payroll System Developers 
Developers of payroll systems who want to produce valid Payroll XML files from their payroll systems to be passed to AASHTOWare Project software will find numerous useful resources in the AASHTOWare Project Payroll XML Resource Kit section of this site, including all needed XML schemas, examples showing creation of valid files, and both online and downloadable Payroll XML validators.
Contractors Using Spreadsheet for Payroll Submission 
The best way to produce Payroll XML files is to use a software system to manage the data that can also produce this format directly. However, not all end users will have such a system available to them. In that case, data can be produced using an Excel spreadsheet. 
For contractors without in-house payroll systems Ohio DOT is providing an Excel Template for entry of up to 50 employee payrolls. The spreadsheet/template needs to be downloaded from this site to get started. Once populated users can keep payroll records by period and simply update the hours accordingly for subsequent pay periods.

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Transitions - Resource Guide

 Updates - Week of 05/03/2015


Updates - Week of 04/19/2015
ViewPoint Contractors - ViewPoint has created a utility for the XML extract.  Please contact ViewPoint Support in order to receive the utility. 

Ethnicity Codes Listed

Week of 03/29/2015
Payroll Template/Spreadsheet Updated to Fix Locked Cells on Employee Tab.

Week of 03/22/2015
Foundation Software Inc - Successful Import into CRL!!!

Craft Codes Listed

Labor Codes Listed

Payroll Template/Spreadsheet Updated to Include Employee Information Tab.



What is a Certified Payroll Report?
A report comprised of two components, a payroll report and a statement of compliance report.
The payroll report provides the contractor the ability to demonstrate how an employee was classified, the number of straight time and overtime hours worked by an employee in a particular labor classification, along with the hourly straight time and overtime wages paid to an employee.
The statement of compliance provides the contractor the ability to demonstrate whether it did or didn’t provide fringe benefits to an employee. Additionally, it requires that the contractor attest that the information provided on both reports is truthful and accurate.  The statement of compliance for Federal Projects and for State Projects is different and the appropriate form should be used accordingly.
The payroll report and statement of compliance report are legal documents; willful falsification of one or both of the documents may result in civil action and/or criminal prosecution.

Who should submit a Certified Payroll Report?

A contractor and that performs work under a construction contract that is funded in whole or in part with state and/or federal funds must submit a certified payroll report on a weekly basis.

How long does a Certified Payroll Report need to be kept?

The prime contractor must retain its certified payroll reports, along with those of its subcontractors for a period of three years after the certificate of final acceptance has been executed.

What happens if a Certified Payroll Report is not submitted?

If a prime contractor or a subcontractor fails to submit a certified payroll report to the contracting agency, the contracting agency may withhold a portion of one or more partial estimates until the reports are received. In addition, contractors that fail to submit certified payroll reports could be subject to a penalty pursuant with the prevailing wage laws and regulations.