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Planning-Related Reference Resource Center Items

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collapse Publication : Aesthetic Design Guidelines ‎(1)
Aesthetic Design Guidelines
No list available
July 2018
collapse Publication : Airport Directory ‎(1)
Airport Directory
No list available
2005-2006 *Aviation
collapse Publication : Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities - Planning Guidelines ‎(1)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities - Planning GuidelinesOctober 2005 *Statewide Planning & Research
collapse Publication : CADD Standards ‎(1)
CADD Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK and other applications
This publication/topic uses a shared list: use the subscription function at the top of this grouping.
4/20/2018CADD & Mapping Services
collapse Publication : Certified Traffic Manual ‎(1)
Certified Traffic Manual (see Ohio Certified Traffic Manual)
No list available
June 2007Statewide Planning & Research
collapse Publication : Consultant Announcements ‎(1)
Consultant Announcements
No list available
Updated Regularly *Consultant Services
collapse Publication : Cost Estimation Support ‎(1)
Cost Estimation SupportApril 19, 2013*Estimating
collapse Publication : Design Build Scope Documents ‎(1)
Design Build Scope DocumentsApril 15, 2011Construction Management
collapse Publication : DESTAPE (Traffic Information Management Section) ‎(1)
DESTAPE (Traffic Information Management Section)
No list available
Updated Regularly *Tech. Services
collapse Publication : Environmental Services Handbooks and Guidelines ‎(10)
Categorical Exclusion Toolkit
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(use for all Environmental Services Handbooks and Guidelines)
*Environmental Services
Cultural Resources Manual2012 *Environmental Services
Ecological Manual 2014April 2014Environmental Services
Environmental Site Assessment Manual & GuidanceApril 2009 *Environmental Services
Guidance for Best Practices for Incorporating Environmental Justice into Ohio Transportation and Environmental ProcessesJune 2016 *Environmental Services
Noise Analysis Manual (ODOT Highway Traffic Noise Analysis Manual)2015 *Environmental Services
Public Involvement Guide/Appendices/Samples2014 *Environmental Services
Section 4(f) Manual*Environmental Services
Section 4(f) Resources2002 *Environmental Services
Waterways Permit Manual2015Environmental Services
collapse Publication : Functional Classification System ‎(1)
Functional Classification System
No list available
Updated Every 10 YearsProgram Management
collapse Publication : Historical Bid Data ‎(1)
Historical Bid Data
No list available
Updated regularly *Estimating
collapse Publication : Inflation Calculator ‎(1)
Inflation Calculator
No list available
Updated RegularlyEstimating
collapse Publication : Innovative Contracting Manual ‎(1)
Innovative Contracting ManualMay 1, 2010 *Construction Administration
collapse Publication : Interchange Justification/Modification Study ‎(1)
Interchange Justification/Modification Study
No list available
2016*Roadway Engineering
collapse Publication : Item Master ‎(1)
Item MasterUpdated Regularly *Estimating
collapse Publication : Locally Administered Transportation Projects ‎(1)
Locally Administered Transportation Projects - Manual of ProceduresUpdated RegularlyLocal Programs
collapse Publication : Location and Design Manuals ‎(4)
Location and Design Manual, Volume 1 - Roadway Design7/20/2018Roadway Engineering
Location and Design Manual, Volume 2 - Drainage Design7/20/2018Hydraulic Engineering
Location and Design Manual, Volume 3 - Highway Plans7/20/2018CADD & Mapping Services
Location and Design Manual, Volume 3 - Highway Plans: Sample Plan Sheets
Use the Location & Design Vol. 3- Highway Plans Sign Up above
7/20/2018CADD & Mapping Services
collapse Publication : MPO Administrative Manual  ‎(1)
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Administrative ManualUpdated Regularly *Systems Planning & Program Management
collapse Publication : MS4 Storm Water Outfall Inventory Manual ‎(1)
MS4 Storm Water Outfall Inventory Manual
no list available
August 4, 2005 *Hydraulic Engineering
collapse Publication : Ohio Certified Traffic Manual ‎(1)
Ohio Certified Traffic ManualJune 2007Statewide Planning & Research
collapse Publication : Pre-Qualified Consultants and Contractors ‎(2)
Pre-Qualified Consultants (Engineering, Right of Way Acquisition and Environmental Categories)
No list available
Updated Regularly *Consultant Services
Pre-Qualified Contractors
No list available
Updated Regularly *Contracts
collapse Publication : Project Development Process (PDP) Manual ‎(1)
Project Development Process (PDP) ManualUpdated RegularlyEnvironmental Services
collapse Publication : Project Initiation Package ‎(1)
Project Initiation PackageApril 2018Environmental Services
collapse Publication : Proposal Notes ‎(1)
Proposal Note Roster (ODOT Intranet Only)
No list available
Updated Regularly *Estimating
collapse Publication : Roadway Inventory (Transportation Information Management - TIMS) ‎(1)
Roadway Inventory (Transportation Information Management - TIMS)
No list available
Various Dates *Tech. Services
collapse Publication : Safety Integrated Project Maps (SIP) ‎(1)
Safety Integrated Project (SIP) Maps
No list available
Updates regularly*Program Management
collapse Publication : State Highway Access Management Manual ‎(1)
State Highway Access Management Manual
No list available
July 2018 *Roadway Engineering
collapse Publication : Straight Line Diagrams ‎(1)
Straight Line Diagrams
No list available
January 1, 2009 *Tech. Services
collapse Publication : Survey & Mapping Specifications ‎(1)
Survey & Mapping SpecificationsJuly 15, 2016CADD & Mapping Services
collapse Publication : Traffic Control Zones ‎(1)
Traffic Regulations Databases (Speed Zones, Parking Restriction, School Zones & Village Signal Permits)
no list available
Updated Regularly *Traffic Engineering
collapse Publication : Traffic Counts (Current & Historical) ‎(1)
Traffic Counts (Current & Historical)
no list available
Continuously updated on a county by county basis. Reports are dated.Tech. Services
collapse Publication : Traffic Engineering Manual ‎(1)
TEM - Sign Designs and Markings Manual (SDMM)
use the subscription function for the Traffic Engineering Manual item listed above in this grouping
July 21, 2017Roadway Engineering
collapse Publication : Traffic Monitoring Year End Reports ‎(1)
Traffic Monitoring Year End Reports
no list available
Updated annually, reports are datedTech. Services
collapse Publication : Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) ‎(1)
Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS)

no list available​

Updated Regularly *Tech. Services