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Getting Started

​​​Getting Started

Welcome to the Your Move Ohio campaign toolkit, an easy to use education resource. All digital ​materials have been created to:
  • Educate all road users how to use the road safely
  • Encourage Ohioans to choose active transportation, and
  • Increase safety for people walking and biking
Before diving into these resources, please take a moment to review all available marketing materials and how to use them based on your audience and budget.

AUDIENCE Your Move Ohio created these resources with
the following audiences in mind:
  • Females and males, ages 13+
  • People who walk and bike
  • Drivers and residents statewide
MARKETING STRATEGIES Take a look at what media outlets your audience might use. Billboards, TV, radio and digital ads, press releases and social media are great ways to reach these audiences. Keep in mind your audiences may also use transit, bike share or attend events where you can engage them directly through use of: bus benches, bike benches and bike basket ads, as well as tip cards and promotional items. Best practice would be a mix between a number of strategies to reach people at multiple places at multiple times.

BUDGET Your budget will determine how much you can do. Remember less expensive approaches such as social media and press releases. Participation within municipalities, coalitions, health departments, hospitals, law enforcement, schools and others, is an effective way to leverage marketing dollars, printing and in-kind support for social media and outreach. Working with partners can help everyone leverage their advertising, printing and in-kind communication resources to make limited dollars go further.


 Implementation Guide

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