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Radio and TV Advertising

Radio and TV Advertising​

There are advertisements for placement on local radio or TV, as well as audio files, video files and scripts in this section of the toolkit. After reviewing, follow these steps to get started:

  • Identify the target demographic you want to engage: high school students, adults 19–38 years old, adults 39–54 years old, drivers, people who walk, bike and ride the bus, etc. Then identify the radio or TV stations that those specific audiences listen to or watch. Different stations appeal to  different audiences.
  • Set your budget—and contact media sales representatives to see if their station is a good match for your target demographic. Radio is generally less expensive, but varies depending on the market. Ask for their recommendation on how to make your ad budget reach as many people as many times as possible.
  • ​Inquire about the production and placement options. Please see the produced radio and TV options we have provided. If these options aren’t ideal, you can work with your local radio stations to inquire about production. Generally, radio and some TV stations will produce ads at no charge if you purchase advertising time. If not, contact your local video production firm.
Contact your local TV and radio outlets for pricing, availability and placement. Typically, there are advertising contacts listed on your local TV and radio station's websites.​
Public Sponsorship Script - General.docx
Traffic Biking_15Seconds_Mix.mp3Traffic Biking_15Seconds_Mix
Traffic Sponsorship - Bike.docxTraffic Sponsorship - Bike
Weather Sponsorship - Bike.docxWeather Sponsorship - Bike
Traffic Sponosrship - Pedestrian.docxTraffic Sponosrship - Pedestrian
Weather Sponsorship - Pedestrian.docxWeather Sponsorship - Pedestrian
Your Move Video (15 High Rez).mov
Your Move Video (15 Low Rez).mp4
Your Move Video (30 High Rez).mov
Your Move Video (30 Low Rez).mp4

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