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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research
Final Reports


Storm Water BMP Tool Implementation Testing 135400GS&P/OH Inc.
Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) to Determine Hellbender Distribution135321University of Cincinnati
Timber Rattlesnakes' (Crotalus horridus) Use of Man-made Rocky Features Constructed in Roadway Right-of-Ways135326Ohio University
Storm Water Best Management Practices for Local Roadways 134990
Earthen Berm Noise Reduction Analysis135272Burton Planning Services LLC
Comparison and Testing of Various Noise Wall Materials134697Ohio University
Bio-Engineering Techniques for Landslide Stabilization - Supplement134660The Ohio State University
Effectiveness of the TRU-88 Wildlife Roadway Crossing Culverts and Exclusion FencingIH-002Ohio Department of Transportation
Snow Removal Wastewater Disposal Alternatives134629University of Akron
Evaluation of Renewable Energy Alternatives for Highway Maintenance Facilities134706University of Cincinnati
Computational Study of Fish Passage through Circular Culverts in Northeast Ohio134691Youngstown State University
Exfiltration Trench for Post Construction Storm Water Management for Linear Transportation Projects134384Ohio University
Evaluating Vegetation Management Practices for Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation134834Davey Resource Group
Veteran's Glass City Skyway Solar Array Field Demonstration426835
Summer Ecology of Indiana Bats in Ohio 134387The Ohio State University
Green Noise Wall Construction and Evaluation134556University of Akron
A Study of Bankfull Culvert Design Effectiveness 134465Cleveland State University
Effectiveness of Noise Barriers Installed Adjacent to Transverse Grooved Concrete Pavement 134365Ohio University
Smart Sensor for Autonomous Noise Monitoring (SSAM)134370Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Statewide Investigation of Noise Abatement Alternatives Final Report134253 McCormick, Taylor & Associates
Effectiveness of Tire/Road Noise Abatement Through Surface Retexturing by Diamond Grinding for Project SUM-76-15.40 134174Ohio University
Effects of Highway Deicing Chemicals on Shallow Unconsolidated Aquifers in Ohio 14437U.S.G.S. – United States Geological Survey
Environmental Durability Evaluation of Externally Bonded Composites14755University of Cincinnati
Archaeological Survey Methodology and Results 14776University of Cincinnati
Bankfull Characteristics of Ohio Streams and their Relation to Peak Streamflows14777U.S.G.S. – United States Geological Survey
Traffic Data for Integrated Project-Level PM2.5 Conformity Analysis134662University of Cincinnati
Alternative Stream Channel Maintenance at Bridge Crossings134821The Ohio State University