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The ODOT SharePoint WWW site will be available, but READ-ONLY, from 2:00 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 23 until 6:00 a.m. on Mon., Feb. 26.

2023 Online Spec Book
Construction Management Specifications, Manual of Procedures, Proposal Notes, Supplemental Specifications, and Supplements, etc.

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​​ ​​​​​​​​​​ODOT 2023


Copies of the 2023 Construction and Material Specifications w​ill be available for purchase AFTER January 15, 2023 by contacting:
Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Contracts
1980 West Broad Street, Mail Stop 4110
Columbus, Ohio 43223
Telephone (614) 466-3778  or (614) 466-3779​

Price: $8.25 + Shipping + tax
Make checks payable to:
Treasurer of State of Ohio
c/o Department of Transportation 

for use on mobile devices, edited sections in each are highlighted yellow:​
2023_CMS_01192024_for_web_Letter size.pdf2023_CMS_01192024_for_web_Letter size2023_CMS_01192024_for_web_Letter size8448 KB 1/3/2024
2023_CMS_10202023_for_web_Letter size.pdf2023_CMS_10202023_for_web_Letter size2023_CMS_10202023_for_web_Letter size8475 KB 10/20/2023
2023_CMS_07212023_for_web_Letter size.pdf2023_CMS_07212023_for_web_Letter size2023_CMS_07212023_for_web_Letter size5600 KB 7/21/2023
2023_CMS_04212023_for_web_Letter size.pdf2023_CMS_04212023_for_web_Letter size2023_CMS_04212023_for_web_Letter size5604 KB 4/21/2023
2023_CMS_01202023_for_web_Letter size.pdf2023_CMS_01202023_for_web_Letter size2023_CMS_01202023_for_web_Letter size5532 KB 1/20/2023
2023_CMS_Implementation_Schedule.pdf2023_CMS_Implementation_Schedule2023 CMS Implementation Schedule105 KB 1/20/2023
2023_CMS_Compared_to_2019_CMS_with_SS800_1-20-2023.pdf2023_CMS_Compared_to_2019_CMS_with_SS800_1-20-20232023_CMS_Compared_to_2019_CMS_with_SS800_1-20-20234492 KB 1/20/2023
2023_CMS_Final_to_Printer.pdf2023_CMS_Final_to_PrinterPDF of the entire 2023 Construction & Material Specifications ready for printing5668 KB 11/15/2022
2023_CMS_for_web_Edits_Shown.pdf2023_CMS_for_web_Edits_ShownPDF of the entire 2023 Construction & Material Specifications with edits shown:4890 KB 11/3/2022